Term 3

 We visited Pitts Rivers Museum and are taking part in a Curious Creator Project. Our first visit to the museum was finding about  a blower fish helmet, look at the photos above to see more. Our second trip will be on the 9th February, photos will follow.


Our Topic is....

How could we save our planet?

Image result for earth clipart

In Topic we will be looking at different Biomes found across the world. Please click on the images below to find out more about this.

Image result for biomes clipart

         In Art we are experimenting with  'REUSING, RECYCLING, RECOVERING, REDUCING'  materials to create an exciting sculpture. Each child will be making their own so start collecting recylcing material to hep you. Here are a few ideas to help you:

Image result for recycled sculptures                      Image result for recycled sculptures                           Image result for recycled sculptures by children              Image result for recycled sculptures by children

   In Science we will be learning about electricity. Click on the image below to play games to learn more about this subject.

                               Image result for changing circuit                                        Image result for bitesize  circuit