Woodlands 2016!

We went to the Woodlands Activity Centre!

Wednesday 4th May

Good morning parents/teachers/friends

After a long journey we arrived safely but were very tired. After finding our rooms and unpacking we had fish and chips for dinner - yummy! We took part in problem-solving games and went on a walk to the local river.

We are now getting ready for breakfast - then we have to tidy our rooms!!

Come back later to find out how our caving adventure went.

We are not staying in the big house so our access to the computer is very limited. Ms Carbon doesn't mind if you phone the school to find out more as she knows that many of you won't be coming into school as we are not there.

Byyyyeeeeeee for now!

UPDATE In the morning we had a nice lovely breakfast and it was delicious. I even told the cook it was delicious - Evan

Today we are going caving and I'm feeling excited and a bit nervous! - Angelica

We we will let you know how we get on! 

What did we think of CAVING?

We really enjoyed caving today!  It was a good challenge and we were brilliant at working as a team.  Arabella said that it was the best experience of her life!  Wesley said that it was brilliant and he did ALL the challenges!  Isaac said it was good.  Some of the spaces we crawled through were a tight squash but we did it because we worked as a TEAM!

Tonight we will be having cottage pie for tea!  We are going now because we need to get showered and clean for dinner!  We are staaaaaarving!

This evening...

We have been doing some photo orienteering.  We had to work as a team to find all of the photos.  The 'Fabulous Five' Team won: Antonina, Angelica, Evan, Bernard and Wesley!  We were so pleased because we have won a special prize.  Now we are going to get an early night ready for lots of canoeing tomorrow.  Good night, God bless x

Thursday 5th May

Good morning!  We all slept very well last night!  We were so tired from the caving!   We have had another lovely breakfast this morning and we have had our rooms inspected.  We are now going to get ready for canoeing! It is very sunny here and we are having a great time!  

How did we get on?

We had a great time in the canoes today.  It was really fun! First we had to work as a team to get the heavy canoes off the van and carry them down to the water.  Then we paddled up the river towards a lovely stone beach where we had a picnic.  Then we played some games on the boats like 'heads, shoulders, knees and jump!'  The was fun!  After that we were allowed to splash in the water!

The staff here think that we are great and they were impressed with our team work.  Our teachers, Kayleigh, Carol, Liam and Becky have been really good and we give them 100 out of 100!

For dinner this evening we ate chicken curry with rice and naan breads and then cake and cream for pudding!  Yum yum!  Then we played games and spent out pennies in the shop.

We will be very busy tomorrow so we will not have time to blog.  You will have to wait until you see us at school to find out what we've been up to!  Good night!  See you tomorrow!

Love from the Year 4 Sapphires Stars!