Woodlands 2017


Hello everyone! 

we have arrived safely and have enjoyed a pizza lunch followed by yummy flapjack. The afternoon was spent problem solving on site which was great fun! After some free time exploring the extensive grounds we were all ready for our fish and chips. 

After dinner we played hide and seek then had hot chocolate and are now tucked up in bed. Tomorrow we are off caving!

Wednesday Morning

We slept really well in the beds that we made ourselves!  

We have enjoyed a tasty breakfast this morning of toast and scrambled eggs, you even get cocoa pops here and cups of tea! The sun is starting to shine and we are getting ready for caving.


After breakfast we completed our daily duties and the got kitted out for our day caving. There was so much to see on the journey (that took around 50 minutes) from the stunning views of the Breacon Beacons to the wild ponies galloping across them. 

Inside the caves was amazing! Fears were conquered, wellies got filled with water, GREAT fun was had by all! Returning home we freshened up and had some free with our friends. 

Dinner was roast chicken which everyone ate. Followed by ice cream with strawberry sauce.

Then we had a busy evening with an orienteering mission. After we had said our prayers it was lights out! Busy day ahead tomorrow canoeing on the canal.


Wow what a day! After a hearty breakfast and a chance to tidy our bedrooms ready for inspection, 25 very excited children  headed off to be kitted out ready for canoeing on the canal. Great fun was had by ALL! We learnt how to steer the canoes avoiding oncoming barges and ducks with their ducklings. Some of us mastered the art of paddling standing up and a few of us managed to take an early May time swim!

At the end of our canoeing experience (which was around 3 hours continuous paddling)our arms,legs and backs were aching but we did not let that stop us sliding over the top of an upside down canoe and going head first into the water! How we all laughed. It was great fun!

 From leaving St John Fisher early Tuesday morning challenges have been faced,fears have been conquered,  lots memories have been made. We are looking forward to sharing our Woodlands experiences with you all.


Nearly ready to return home but first we are going to finish our packing, enjoy our breakfast, then head off into the stunning grounds of Woodlands to complete the final activities ... zip wire, low/high ropes and the climbing wall.

We are due to say goodbye to staff here around 3 o'clock ....see you all later!!