Topaz 6 - Term 1

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Topic - 'Hoo' invaded Britain in AD450?

The Anglo Saxons are our focus for this term. We will be learning about the reasons that they came to Britain, where they came from and where they settled.   

Please click on the image below to learn more facts for yourself:

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Science - Animal and plant classification

This term we will be revising on our understanding of animal classification before learning about how plants are classified .

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Art - Still Life

This term we will be focussing on Still Life.
A still-life is a picture of objects that don't move. Often vases, bowls of fruit, bottles etc. The artist sets up a still-life usually in the studio to do a 'study' of the objects. It may be a drawing or a painting. The artist looks at the objects and studies their shape, where the light falls and the shadows the objects make in relation to the other objects.

Many well-known artists have created still-life studies. Some examples are below.

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