Information Evenings


Monday 22nd May 2017

We held another Maths evening for parents - this time the focus was Multiplication and Division. Please visit the 'Children' tab and your child's class page for examples/images from the evening. If you have further questions or more information please speak to your child's class teacher or contact our Principal, Ms Carbon. If you took your feedback sheet home please return it to the school office. Thank you.



Monday 28th November 2016


Our Maths evening for Parents was well attended - thank you to everyone! The photos above give a view of the presentations; for a closer look at the strategies we use in class click on the 'How you can help your child at home' tab on the left of this page. We hope you are enjoying the maths games/resources you took home. If you have yet to return your feedback sheet please do so as soon as possible; we are keen to read and act upon your advice.


Monday 31st October/Monday 7th November 2016

Pupil Progress Meetings with class teachers


Week Beginning Monday 12th September 2016

Meet your child's new class teacher