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RM Easi Maths is a free resource for your child to practise their skills in Maths. Your child has their own log-in which they can use at home as well as at school. We would like your child to be using EasiMaths at home regularly to develop their skills.

If you are using a laptop then Please click on the link below to access the site.

The link will take you to the home page. Click on the log-in tab at the top of the page; a box will appear where your child will need to enter their log-in details.

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If you are using an Ipad, then you need to download the App - it is free on the following link

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They should enter their username in the first box, then type in Stjohnfis in the @ box, before finally entering their password in the bottom box. This will take them to their own work pages.


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