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As we are unable to gather together for our weekly sharing assembly at present, I will try to upload pictures of work that we have completed in class.

I hope you will agree that your children's work is amazing!


Spring Term 2 - WEEKLY AWARDS

Week 5

Kindness Award: Sienna - for her quiet encouragement, when her peers feel like they can't do something.

PE Superstar: Isabel  - Being a fab goalkeeper; showing determination in ensuring no-one scored against her in Hockey!  

Mathematicians: Ronnon and Imogen - for being very supportive table partners; sharing ideas about how to solve calculations and helping to check each other's methods 

Star of the Week:  Britney - for always quietly encouraging her table partners,  and for her great teamwork in all group activities, especially Hockey

Prayer Leader: Constantine - for leading us respectfully in our class prayer time and for his deep and thoughtful contributions to our RE lessons

Faith Ambassador:  Ronnon - for helping to keep our prayer area looking beautiful and adding objects that link to our Lent in a Bag discussions

Times Tables: Wow! I think I am going to run out of certificates!

Kian, Sienna, Valeria, Britney, ,Mitchell, Isabel, Tiwa, Cameron, Nancy, Imogen, Peter, Ronnon, Jeyden, Artas, Alicja, Kelijah and Favour


Week 4

Kindness Award:  Aderogba - for always offering help to others when he notices that they need help and for checking on others to see if they are ok in the playground.

PE Superstar Maari - for her enthusiasm and active participation in our Hockey lessons.

Mathematicians Peter and Alvin - for fantastic partner work; discussing and comparing ideas when solving calculations and problems

Star of the Week:  Jeyden: for being an active participant in all our learning and for carrying on his learning at home; sharing his work with us in class

Prayer Leader Isabelle - for leading us thoughtfully and respectfully in all our daily prayers

Faith Ambassador:  Ethan - for helping to look after our prayer focus area

Times Tables:  Nikola, Artas, Isabelle, Beatrix, Ethan, Imogen, Isabel, Peter, Sienna, Alvin and Alicja


Week 3

Kindness Award: Ethan for helping his table partner and anyone else that he sees struggling with a task. 

PE Superstar: Imogen for her natural talent with Hockey skills 

Mathematician: Alicja for her enthusiasm for learning and for challenging herself every day

Star of the Week: Nikola for returning to school with a great attitude to her learning and for being an active learner

Prayer Leader: Tiwa for leading us all in our daily prayers, respectfully and responsibly

Faith Ambassador: Aderogba for looking after our class Lent prayer table 

Times Tables:  Kian, Mitchell, Alicja, Ethan, Alvin, Darcey. Jeyden, Artas


March 8th 2021

                                      Today, we all came back together.                                           It was great to see all these happy faces again.

On our first day back together, we all worked hard to create this amazing piece of collaborative                                    art, which links perfectly to our Beast Creator topic.                                    Just as the banner says, 'We love to bee together'.


Spring Term 2 - 2021

This term, our topic is called Beast Creator and already the children have produced some amazing work, both in school and  those who are learning at home.

I am very much looking forward to having us all back together as a class very soon.

In the meantime, here is a glimpse of the things we have been doing.


Today, we completed our last Science lesson of the term. We investigated the question 'Why do hens lay eggs?'. We took our investigation outdoors, to look in detail at an egg. We learnt some new vocabulary, such as germinal seed and albumen in the process. We do like to get hands on in Year 5! See our investigation below.

As we are nearing the end of our learning about minibeasts, we spent a lovely sunny afternoon making our very own 'Minibeast Hotels'. We designed , built and filled our creations, which we have taken home to see if we can attract some minibeasts. Hopefully we can report back on any successes. Take a look at our work below.

Today, 23rd March 2021, we paused to commemorate a year since our first lockdown. We read a letter from Cardinal Vincent Nichols before we respectfully took part in our one minute silence. We then finished our reflection by listening to this beautiful prayer written by Jeyden.

Well-being Wednesday

Last week, we designed some games that could be played in our playground. Today, we drew them on our playground using chalk. Then we had fun testing out each other's creations. Years 3 and 4 also enjoyed playing on them at lunch time. 

Fantasy Minibeasts

                            This week, we used recycled materials, fabrics etc to create our own imaginary minibeasts.                                      You will see our creations below.

Minibeast Hunt

To end our first week, we took advantage of the lovely weather and went outside to take part in a minibeast hunt. We were very surprised at how many different minibeasts we actually found. We were especially excited, when we found the millipede eggs. See if you can spot all of the minibeasts in the images below - some are very cleverly camouflaged! Can anyone also spot the Robin that kept us company in the Forest School area?


Spring Term 1 - 2021

The children from St Bernadette's class who have remained in school have been working extremely hard, as have the children who have been completing Home Learning tasks.

It has been great to keep in touch through our new class email, Purple Mash class blogs and Purple Mash 2email. 

I wanted to let you see some of the fantastic work that I have seen in class or been sent from home. I will keep adding more work, especially when we have written our new novel about Wilders.

Wolf Wilder stories

We have created a little library of our own 'Wilder' stories in class. It is great to see everyone reading and enjoying each other's stories. There is still time to send in yours and add it to our collection.

In Science, we experimented with our own giant icebergs. We tested how they floated in the water, then how they reacted to having different liquids, such as vinegar, as well as having salt added to them. We wanted to find out what would speed up the melting process. You can see some of the amazing results below. 

Well being Wednesday - 3.2.2021

Today, we had fun in class making our own kites. Tomorrow, we are going to finish them off - adding decorations and tails - and then test them out, hopefully if the wind is blowing!

Working with our partners, we showed that team work really does make the dream work!

3.2.2021 - This afternoon, felt like we had continued our Well-being time, with our Art lesson.

We created our own Polar animals using clay. We are going to let them dry and then next week we will paint them. 

Badminton has been our focus in PE this term. We have all had great fun learning this new sport. We have greatly improved our skills in serving and returning the shuttlecock. We managed to create a class record of 53 returns!

Well- being Wednesday

 This week, we had fun challenging each other to create the tallest tower using only one sheet of paper!

It was tricky but we all worked well in our pairs to compete.

The winner was - Mrs Gibbons!

Times Tables Certificates

This week, we have several children in class who have achieved their next level with our Times Tables Certificates. Well done to:

Mitchell, Kian, Maari, Alicja and Kelijah


Autumn Term 2 - 2020

Weekly Awards

Week Ending 11th December 2020

Kindness Award: Johnnell - for kindly holding the classroom door open for everyone after break times, reminding us that little things matter. 

PE Superstar: Alvin - for being a great team member of his Lindy Hop group - keeping the rhythm going with a smile on his face!

MathematicianKelijah - for taking risks with her learning - being willing to share her ideas with the class and knowing when to ask for help.

Star of the Week: Maari - for fabulous writing and making good progress in her maths learning.

Prayer Leader: Ronnon - for being a great role model - leading us all beautifully during our class prayer times.

Times Table Certificates:  Alvin, Cameron, Peter, Chloe, Valeria, Kelijah, Isabelle, Maari, Nikola, Favour, Artas and Mitchell - for all achieving the next level in their Times Tables challenge.

Pen Licence: Tiwa, Britney, Isabelle, Johnnell and Cameron - for demonstrating an exceptional level of consistency in the use of legible, joined handwriting.


Week Ending 5th December 2020

Kindness Award: Favour for being a caring member of our class, for always offering help to her table partners. 

PE Superstar:  Imogen - for being part of a dance group, creating a Lindy Hop routine, always with a smile on her face

Mathematician: Mitchell - for working well with his table partner, but especially for his use of mathematical language in their discussions, thinking through problems

Star of the Week: Britney - for her fantastic learning behaviours, for being a great role model and for the lovely smile we get every day to greet us

Prayer Leader: Bless - leading us so beautifully and respectfully in our class prayer time

Faith Ambassador:  Cameron - For caring for our Advent Wreath and Advent display


Week Ending 27th November 

Kindness Award: Isabelle - for always supporting her table partner in all our learning

PE Superstars: Valeria and Shirley: for great teamwork, creating an entertaining routine for their Lindy Hop dance

Mathematician of the Week: Darcey - for 100% effort and being more confident and offering answers to problems 

Star of the Week: Jeyden - for a focussed and mature attitude to all his learning 

Prayer Leader: Constantine - for being a great role model, leading the class daily in respectful times of prayer

Faith Ambassador:  Cameron - Our first class Faith Ambassador - For setting up our Advent Prayer table and Advent Wreath  


Week Ending 20th November

Kindness Award: Darcey - for being a helpful work partner and thoughtful member of the class 

PE SuperstarKian - for teaching us all a new move for our Lindy Hop dance

Mathematician of the Week: Tiwa - for using her learning to help others solve problems with line graphs

Star of the WeekNikola - for being a great role model for others - being an active participant in all our learning and sharing her ideas with the class 


Week Ending 13th November

Kindness Award: Ronnon - for always doing little things around the classroom to help without looking for a reward

PE Superstars:  Kelijah - for showing great rhythm  and leading others when learning Lindy Hop dance moves

Mathematician of the Week:  Beatrix - for being a super statistician; reading, interpreting and using bar graphs, pictograms and tables

Star of the Week:  Sienna - for positive contributions to all our learning and for thoughtful, empathetic writing in Literacy and Topic

Times Tables Certificates: Peter, Valeria, Maari, Kian, Britney, Kelijah, Isabel J, Nancy, Cameron, Chloe, Jeyden, Ethan, Darcey, Isabelle H, Nikola, Beatrix, Shirley, Alvin and Sienna


Week Ending 6th November

Kindness Award:  Maari - for being a supportive work partner, always wanting to help others.

PE Superstars:  Isabel - For showing growing confidence, especially in ball games. 

Mathematician of the week:   Aderogba - For being a good work partner - solving word problems; sharing and explaining his ideas.

Star of the Week:  Constantine - for an all round positive attitude to his learning; contributing thoughts and ideas in all our class discussions. 


Autumn Term 2 - 2020

This term's topic is called 'A Child's War', which is based around World War Two. Below you will find images demonstrating our learning. 

In Art, we have been practising our pencil control, using step by step instructions to create a WW2 fighter plane. We also used our shading to create texture in both the background and on the aeroplane. We then created a 3d effect by lifting our plane off of the page with velcro blocks behind it. I am sure you will agree the final result is amazing.

In RE, we have been looking at the Parables and Sayings of Jesus. After our class discussions, we created our own image of the Kingdom of God. See Tiwa's version below. 

For PE, we have been learning how to dance a wartime favourite called the Lindy Hop. We have been working with a partner to create our own routine. Below you will find some of our initial practices.


To start our focus of 'electricity' in Science, we investigated with creating static electricity. We discovered that we could make the balloon stick to the wall or our hand, we could cause the balloon to pick up salt and tissue paper once it was charged, by either rubbing the balloon on our jumper or on our hair.

During lockdown, we completed some work based upon electrical circuits. To revise we practised drawing a series circuit and a parallel circuit - using the correct symbols for each component. Then we were given a tray with a selection of components and we had to make our own circuits, adding a switch and a switch that we had made ourselves using paper clips and a piece of card. Look at the fun we had experimenting with making a circuit containing a light bulb and a motor.


In preparation for Remembrance Day, we have created our own poppies using a range of materials and integrating our sewing skills. I am sure you will agree that they are amazing.

In preparation for Remembrance Day - 11th November- and using our learning about the World Wars, we have written our own Remembrance Poems. Below you will find a sample.

BBC - Leicester Campaigns - Children in Need 2003 appeal 2003

As well as donating money for our 'Dress Like a Sports Star' day, to support this year's 'Children In Need', we also decided to do a mile run around our playground. This meant the children had to complete 20 laps of the playground. They are definitely fitter than I am - I managed 10 laps! Mrs Ball kindly took some photos, which you can see below.


Autumn Term 1 - 2020

Weekly Awards

Week Ending 9th October

Kindness Award:  Cameron - For always helping those around him 

PE Superstars:     Ethan and Mitchell - For helping teach the class rugby skills

Mathematician of the week:    Peter - For being an active participant in our learning

Star of the Week:   Chloe - For an enthusiastic attitude to all of our learning

Times Tables Certificates:    Jeyden, Nikola, Isabelle H, Darcey. Alvin, Johnnell,                                                     Isabel J, Constantine, Cameron and Britney 


Week Ending 16th October

Kindness Award: Artas - For being a helpful work partner - offering his help without being asked for it

PE Superstar:   Alicja - For being an enthusiastic and determined team player

Mathematician of the week: Nancy -  For giving 100% effort in every lesson

Star of the Week: Bless - For being an active participant in all our learning and  a respectful prayer leader


Week Ending 22nd October 

Kindness Award:   Kian - for always offering help to work partners without being                                               asked

PE Superstar:   Tiwa - for showing a determined competitiveness, whilst still                                      demonstrating good team work and sportsmanship.

Mathematician of the Week: Favour - for showing a growing confidence, explaining                                                to others how to solve problems

Star of the Week:  Valeria - for sharing ideas with the class and demonstrating how much progress she has made using the spoken English language

Autumn Term 1 - 2020

 Our Topic this term is Fallen Fields, based upon World War One. We are also learning about the Story of Creation  in RE. I am so proud of how the children have settled back into class and how enthused they are by our topic. 


If you right click on any image, you can open it in a new tab, allowing you to see a larger version of the image. 

Today, 9th October, the amazing Mrs Ball worked with the children to begin creating their own WW1 trenches. The children initially designed their idea on paper, thinking about the materials they would need, and the finished look. Next week, they will put the finishing touches to their creations. 

The children showed amazing creativity and teamwork .

Part Two of our work on WW1 Trenches. Adding finishing touches to our creations.

Part Three - WWI Trenches - Here are our final products. We are all very proud of our creations. 

This term, we have been learning how to play rugby - learning some tricky rules and developing new skills.

Tag rugby has been a fun way to show off our new skills and teamwork. Just look at the smiles on our faces!

Science + Year 5 = Fun and learning

Today we investigated how pulleys work and what they do. Look at how we worked together to investigate.

As at present, we are unable to invite Jacques from Rock Steady into school for our rock band practice, we took the opportunity to join in with the virtual lesson delivered by Paul. We learnt about the different parts that make up a piece of music. We also learnt how using instruments in different ways and with different tempos, the same song could sound like: Country and Western, Classical or Dance. We really did have our own Feelgood Friday!