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As we are unable to gather together for our weekly sharing assembly at present, I will try to upload pictures of work that we have completed in class.

I hope you will agree that your children's work is amazing!



Autumn Term 1 - 2020

Weekly Awards

Week Ending 9th October

Kindness Award:  Cameron - For always helping those around him 

PE Superstars:     Ethan and Mitchell - For helping teach the class rugby skills

Mathematician of the week:    Peter - For being an active participant in our learning

Star of the Week:   Chloe - For an enthusiastic attitude to all of our learning

Times Tables Certificates:    Jeyden, Nikola, Isabelle H, Darcey. Alvin, Johnnell,                                                     Isabel J, Constantine, Cameron and Britney 


Week Ending 16th October

Kindness Award: Artas - For being a helpful work partner - offering his help without being asked for it

PE Superstar:   Alicja - For being an enthusiastic and determined team player

Mathematician of the week: Nancy -  For giving 100% effort in every lesson

Star of the Week: Bless - For being an active participant in all our learning and  a respectful prayer leader


Week Ending 22nd October 

Kindness Award:   Kian - for always offering help to work partners without being                                               asked

PE Superstar:   Tiwa - for showing a determined competitiveness, whilst still                                      demonstrating good team work and sportsmanship.

Mathematician of the Week: Favour - for showing a growing confidence, explaining                                                to others how to solve problems

Star of the Week:  Valeria - for sharing ideas with the class and demonstrating how much progress she has made using the spoken English language

Autumn Term 1 - 2020

 Our Topic this term is Fallen Fields, based upon World War One. We are also learning about the Story of Creation  in RE. I am so proud of how the children have settled back into class and how enthused they are by our topic. 


If you right click on any image, you can open it in a new tab, allowing you to see a larger version of the image. 

Today, 9th October, the amazing Mrs Ball worked with the children to begin creating their own WW1 trenches. The children initially designed their idea on paper, thinking about the materials they would need, and the finished look. Next week, they will put the finishing touches to their creations. 

The children showed amazing creativity and teamwork .

Part Two of our work on WW1 Trenches. Adding finishing touches to our creations.

Part Three - WWI Trenches - Here are our final products. We are all very proud of our creations. 

This term, we have been learning how to play rugby - learning some tricky rules and developing new skills.

Tag rugby has been a fun way to show off our new skills and teamwork. Just look at the smiles on our faces!

Science + Year 5 = Fun and learning

Today we investigated how pulleys work and what they do. Look at how we worked together to investigate.

As at present, we are unable to invite Jacques from Rock Steady into school for our rock band practice, we took the opportunity to join in with the virtual lesson delivered by Paul. We learnt about the different parts that make up a piece of music. We also learnt how using instruments in different ways and with different tempos, the same song could sound like: Country and Western, Classical or Dance. We really did have our own Feelgood Friday!