Around the World in 35 Days

This term, we are going to learn about a different continent each week. To help you with your home learning we will provide you with a weekly planner

Each week we will update this page with the new learning activities for you to complete at home. The weekly planner will have a focus on a different continent and will direct you to the resources and links we have provided to guide your learning.

Big Map of Continents of the World - Nations Online Project

This is our final week for 'Around the World in 35 Days'.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about all 7 continents.

Week 7: North America

Download your final planner for this term and have fun learning. 

Weekly Planner 7: North America

Click on the image to download your own map of North America

North America Map and Satellite Image

  Below you will find links to different areas of learning about this incredible continent. Click on each link to view or download your own copy of the activity.

 10 Must See Landmarks in North America.docxDownload
 Climates of the region.docxDownload
 Geography - Map of North America 2 - Identify surrounding seas and oceans.pdfDownload
 Geography Worksheet - Map of North America 1 - Naming countries and states.pdfDownload
 Map of North America 2.docxDownload
 Map of the Caribbean Islands.docxDownload
 Map of the states of America.docxDownload
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All about the different countries in North America

 Bermuda Fact File.docxDownload
 Canada Fact File.docxDownload
 Greenland Fact File.docxDownload
 Mexico Fact File.docxDownload
 Saint Pierre and Miquelon Fatc File.docxDownload
 United States Fact File.docxDownload
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Be creative and try to create some North American art

 Day of the dead mask examples and blank templates.docxDownload
 Dreamcatcher images.pdfDownload
 Dreamcatcher instructions.pdfDownload
 Dreamcatcher-how to make -activity-cards.pdfDownload
 Dreamcatchers information.pdfDownload
 Haida Art symbols.pptxDownload
 Mexico food.pptxDownload
 Native Americans - Types of home.docxDownload
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Ready for a Maths challenge!

 Maya Multiplication challenge.pdfDownload
 Maya Number System Worksheets Answers.pdfDownload
 Maya Number System Worksheets.pdfDownload
 Mayan Number system.pptDownload
 Musical Instruments - images and information.docxDownload
 RE - Mexican Christmas traditions.docxDownload
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Learn about North America through comprehension and reading tasks

 Comprehension - Canada-day- Differentiated sheets.pdfDownload
 Comprehension - Day of the Dead - Differentiated sheets.pdfDownload
 Comprehension - Mexican Recipe - Differentiated sheets.pdfDownload
 Literacy - landscapes-of-mexico.pdfDownload
 Literacy - The Rainbow Bird.docxDownload
 Newspaper Report Features.pdfDownload
 Newspaper template.docDownload
 Reading activities - The-Incredible-Caribbean.pdfDownload
 Reading activities - The-North-American-Continent.pdfDownload
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Which language would you like to speak? 

Voulez-vous apprendre le français?

Te gustaria aprender español?

Look below for some ideas to help you learn either French or Spanish.

 Spanish Food Fill in and Crossword Activity Sheet - Answers.pdfDownload
 Spanish Food Fill in and Crossword Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
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Here are some links to sites to help you with your learning.

Web Links


Mexican Traditions at Christmas -   Click on links to the side of the webpage to find about other traditions in May and at Easter



Country fact files -

Major Landmarks -

Major landmarks and places to visit -

Greenland 10 facts -

North America Destination World Nat Geo - -



Native Americans -

Native Americans -

Native Canadians -

Explorers of North America -



North America: A land of pioneering animals   -

12 Important animals of North America -



Spanish for Kids -

French for Kids -


Week 6: South America

Bem-vindo a America do sul, um continente de extremos. 

Welcome to South America, a continent of extremes.

Download this week's planner and have fun discovering more about this part of the world.

Weekly Planner 6 - South America

South America Map and Satellite Image

 Blank map of Southern America.pdfDownload
 Labelling map of South America activity.docxDownload
 Map of South America Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Map of South America.pdfDownload
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 Flags of the world.pdfDownload
 Flags quiz.docxDownload
 South American Countries Word Search.docxDownload
 South American Landmarks - Activity Match up cards.pdfDownload
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 postcard from Brazil.pdfDownload
 PowerPoint - Brazil.pptDownload
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 Amazon Rainforest Creature Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Animal Fact File PowerPoint.pptxDownload
 Animal Fact Files.pdfDownload
 Rainforest animal fact file.pdfDownload
 Rainforest layers image to complete.docxDownload
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484 Latin America Collage Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock ...


Week 5: Africa

This week we are travelling to the warmer climate of Africa; a land of varied landscapes. Click to download the planner to guide your learning.

Weekly Planner 5 - Africa document


Click to download a map of Africa

map-of-africa-countries | Africa continent, African countries map ...

Below you will find lots of links to a variety of activities to inspire your learning about this amazing continent. 

Have fun exploring!

 Africa - All about Africa ppt.pptxDownload
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 Africa - Africa activity sheet.pdfDownload
 Africa- African Landscapes.pptDownload
 African countries - flag sheet.docxDownload
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 Africa - Endangered Animals Activity ppt.pptDownload
 Africa - Guess-the-African-Animal-Activity-.pptDownload
 Africa - images and info Animals of Africa.pdfDownload
 Africa - Madagascan Chameleon.pdfDownload
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 Africa - Adinkra cloth.pptxDownload
 Africa - African patterns ppt.pptxDownload
 Africa - Art -african-style-patterns colouring pages.pdfDownload
 Africa - Art -african-style-patterns.pdfDownload
 Africa - ndebele-art-.pptDownload
 Africa- African Masks.notebookDownload
 Africs - Art - Silhouette Cut-Outs.pdfDownload
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 Africa - Questions and Answers Jane Goodall.pdfDownload
 Africa - Reading Comprehension Jane Goodall.pdfDownload
 Africa Comprehension - A-Smiling-Face.pdfDownload
 Africa Comprehension - African-Emergency.pdfDownload
 Africa Comprehension - Life-in-Africa.pdfDownload
 Africa Comprehension - Rubbish.pdfDownload
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 Africa - Maasai and Bushmen ppt info.pptDownload
 Africa - speak-swahili-activity.pdfDownload
 Africa - Web of Widlife.pdfDownload
 Africa - Web of Wildlife questions.pdfDownload
 Africa - wordsearch.pdfDownload
 African animals maths.docDownload
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African Collage Painting by JQ Licensing


Week 4: Antarctica 

1: Map of Antarctica; the ice shelves are shaded gray. | Download ...

Weekly planner 4 - Antarctica.docx

Iceberg | ice formation | BritannicaAntarctica Penguins: A Short Guide - Antarctica Guide



Use these resources by clicking the links below... 

Antarctic information sheet

Antarctic math challenge - fractions.docx

blank map.docx

biography planner



Antarctica Presentation


Antarctica Ice Swim Daily News Story

arctic-food-chains-web - pic cards


Arctic information sheet

inuit art print out


Robert Falcon Scott PowerPoint

Antarctica: Highest Point: Vinson Massif at 16,066 ft. (4,897 m ...



Article on music in Antarctica:

BBC iPlayer –

Antarctica people -

Research station-

Antarctica: The Southernmost Continent | Live Science

Week 3: Australasia/Oceania

Use the weekly planner as a guide to the different activities you can do this week.

Week 3 weekly planner for Australasia/Oceania document

Oceania map for kids - Google Search (With images) | Oceania ...

The links below will provide you with different activities linked to Literacy, Art/DT, History, Geography and Science. Have fun down under!

 Map of Australasia and Oceania.pdfDownload
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 Australia - great-barrier-reef-powerpoint-images.pptDownload
 Australia - How Kangaroo got his Tail.docDownload
 Australia - indigenous-illustrations-activity-sheet.pdfDownload
 Australia - Maori-Gods-Colouring-Sheets.pdfDownload
 Australian animals - 55-parts-cut-and-paste-activity-sheet.pdfDownload
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 Literacy - Maori creation myth.pdfDownload
 Literacy - Maori language.pdfDownload
 Literacy - Uluru editing activity sheet.pdfDownload
 Literacy - Uluru facts.pdfDownload
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 Country fact sheet.pdfDownload
 Great Barrier Reef travel show.pdfDownload
 Great Barrier Reef.pdfDownload
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 Captain Cook Facts.pptxDownload
 Captain Cook's landing.pdfDownload
 Convict children.pdfDownload
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 Aboriginal artists.pdfDownload
 Damper bread recipe.pdfDownload
 How to draw a koala.pdfDownload
 Lamingtons recipe.pdfDownload
 Maths - 0-10 in Maori.pdfDownload
 Nungurrayi art.docxDownload
 RE - Saint Mary Mackillop fact file.pdfDownload
 Science - Animal Adaptations.pdfDownload
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Week 2 : Asia

Use this week's planner to help guide your learning. Have fun finding all about this amazing continent!

Week 2 weekly planner for Asia document

Asia Maps | Maps of Asia -

Please click on the links below to learn about different countries within Asia, finding out about their geography, history, languages, sports, art and religion. As well as trying some fun Maths activities.

WARNING - It's going to be a hard decision - there are so many activities to choose from!

Introduction to Asia links first, then Japan, India and Russia. But you can also do your own research into other countries in Asia. There are lots to choose from.

 Asia - Key Facts and Information.docxDownload
 Asia Facts Research.pdfDownload
 Asia Flags - Country and Capital (Ext) Research.pdfDownload
 Facts about Asia.pdfDownload
 Links to information about countries in Asia .docxDownload
 LKS2 Comprehension with Questions - Asian Elephant.docxDownload
 Make your own Volcano Science Activity.pdfDownload
 Map of Asia.pdfDownload
 Simple Asia Fact Sheet - Research.pdfDownload
 UKS2 Comprehension with questions - Asian Elephants.docxDownload
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 All about japanese manga - Powerpoint.pptxDownload
 Fubuki Puzzle - easy.pdfDownload
 Fubuki Puzzle - medium.pdfDownload
 Haiku Planning Sheet.pdfDownload
 Haiku Rules Poster.pdfDownload
 Haiku Teaching Powerpoint.pptxDownload
 How to draw a Manga character.pdfDownload
 Japan - All about Japan - Powerpoint.pptxDownload
 Japan - All about Tokyo - Powerpoint.pptxDownload
 Japan - History of sport - Powerpoint.pptxDownload
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 Hindu - Gods and Goddesses - Powerpoint (1).ppsDownload
 Hindu Wedding Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Hindu wedding ceremony.pptDownload
 Hinduism - main values powerpoint.pptxDownload
 India - All about India - Powerpoint.pptxDownload
 India - Diwali - all about rangoli - Powerpoint.pptxDownload
 India - Diwali Powerpoint.pptxDownload
 India - Hindi greetings on youtube.docxDownload
 India - Mehndi Design Template (or chn draw around own hand).pdfDownload
 India - PE Dance links on youtube.docxDownload
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 KS2 Russia information - Powerpoint.pptxDownload
 LKS2 Russia Comprehension.pdfDownload
 Map of Russia Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Russia - Human Geography PowerPoint.pptDownload
 Russia - Physical Geography PowerPoint.pptDownload
 Russia Biomes Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Russia Fact sheet.pdfDownload
 Russia Word Search.pdfDownload
 Russian language links.docxDownload
 Russian scientists.docxDownload
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To kick start our Topic, we would like you to first explore the world as a whole and how it is divided into 7 continents. Use the links below to begin your journey in learning the names, location and the oceans between each.


The Seven Continents Labelling Activity

The Five Oceans Labelling Map Activity Sheet

Week 1: Europe 

Map of Europe | Europe map travel, Europe map

Welcome to the first week of our new topic - Europe!

Find different learning activities and links below as we travel around Europe together. Learn some new languages, recipes and so much more!  Bon voyage!

Use this week planner to guide your learning: 

Week 1 weekly planner for Europe.docx


Please also click on the links below for access to resources for France, Italy and Spain, as well as resources for Geography, Science, Art and Dance


 France - French Food! activity.pptDownload
 France - French greetings.docxDownload
 France - introduction to France.pptDownload
 France - language 2 ittle birds instructions.pptxDownload
 France - language 2 little birds.docxDownload
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 Spain - Language activity colours.pdfDownload
 Spain - language activity Greetings flashcards.pdfDownload
 Spain - language activity numbers word cards.pdfDownload
 Spain - Language activity-spanish-numbers-1 to 30.pdfDownload
 Spain -Food-Matching-Worksheet.pdfDownload
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 Italy - food-and-drink-word-cards.pdfDownload
 Italy - language activity greetings-word-cards.pdfDownload
 Italy - pizza recipe.pdfDownload
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 Science - Grow Glowing Plants Daily News Story.pdfDownload
 Science - Grow Glowing Plants Task Sheet.pdfDownload
 Science - Egg investigations.pdfDownload
 Science - Parts of a Flower Worksheet.pdfDownload
 Science -plants-and-flowers-hunt-sheet.pdfDownload
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 Europe - capitals-and-countries-activity-sheet-.pdfDownload
 Europe - Map-.pdfDownload
 Geography - Europe cross word.docxDownload
 Geography - Europe word search.docxDownload
 Geography-Investigate a European country.docxDownload
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 Literacy - europe-landmarks-reading-comprehension-activity_ver_1.pdfDownload
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 Art Carl Warner Questions.pdfDownload
 ART Carl Warner Photo Cards.pdfDownload
 Art Italy Fruit Faces.pptDownload
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 Dance - music spanish links Salsa Feet.docDownload
 Dance - music Spanish Salsa Feet.docDownload
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