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Spring Term 1

Please follow the instructions for each area of learning.

Please remember to upload evidence of your work. You can now email directly to our class email = StBernadette@stjohnfisher.co.uk

or to our Purple Mash class blog or via 2email on Purple Mash.

Then bring evidence of your work into school when we re-open fully.

Expectations - in line with what will be happening in school

Complete one Maths and Literacy lesson every day.

Complete at least one 2Do activity on Purple Mash every day.

Complete one Topic/Art and Science lesson each week. 

Complete two RE lessons each week.

Read for at least 30 minutes every day.

REWARDS - I will continue to award you raffle tickets for work completed on Purple Mash and from here, so remember to let me know what you have been doing - upload examples for me to see. Before you all return to school, I will make sure that I have lots of prizes! 

Music - Each week Rock Steady release their Feel Good Friday music lessons. You can join the KS2 lesson every Friday from 2:00 – 2:30pm. We will add the new link each week for you. 

Friday 5th February 2021 -   https://youtu.be/_vbI6aFiwk8


Paignton Zoo - During lockdown the staff are preparing online lessons

Our first 'School from the Zoo' lesson will be on Habitats, aimed at KS2 pupils.

Keep an eye out for further lessons - the next lesson has been announced - it will be on Friday 29th January.

Go to this web page to access the online lessons



Well-being Wednesdays: Don't forget to have some time away from screens and reflect on all the wonderful things you have! Here are some activities you could do..

100 Things to do indoors.docx

my positive affirmations journal

Pobble - Non-Screen activities to do at home.docx



Hagbane's Doom 

If you want to find out what happened at the end of our story, you can download the last chapters here. It is very dramatic! You can find out if your predictions have come true!

It might make some fun reading for the half-term holiday.


 Hagbanes Doom - Chapter 17.docxDownload
 Hagbanes Doom - Chapter 18.docxDownload
 Hagbanes Doom - Chapter 19.docxDownload
 Hagbanes Doom - Chapter 20.docxDownload
 Hagbanes Doom - Chapter 21.docxDownload
 Hagbanes Doom - Chapter 22.docxDownload
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Week 6 = Beginning 8th February 2021

Literacy week 6:

This week you will be publishing your novels! You can type or write you story, you will find a line guide and some A5 paper in your pack this week. 

Don't forget to illustrate your book and make a front and back cover with a blurb! 

You can also finally find out what happens in the book by reading a chapter per day this week. 

Please send in your novels via email, or drop them off to the return boxes in the office. 

 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 10.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 11.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 12.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 13.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 14.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 15.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 9.docxDownload
 week 6- Miss Phillips_ final draft.docxDownload
 Yr 5-6 Literacy Plan - week 6.docxDownload
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Wk 6 Maths

 This week, you will continue to work with fractions. Remember to access the videos to help you work through each task.

Compare and order fractions greater than 1 (first part of worksheet)

Spr5.5.5 - Compare and order fractions more than 1 (first part of worksheet) on Vimeo

Compare and order fractions greater than 1 (second part of worksheet)

Spr5.6.1 - Compare and order fractions more than 1 (second part of worksheet) on Vimeo

Add and subtract fractions

Spr5.6.2 - Add and subtract fractions on Vimeo

Add fractions within 1

Spr5.6.4 - Add fractions within 1 on Vimeo

 Add 3 or more fractions

 Spr5.6.5 - Add 3 of more fractions on Vimeo

 Y5-Spring-Block-2-WO6-Compare-and-order-fractions-greater-than-1-2019 (1).pdfDownload
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Week 6 Topic Learning 

This is the last week of the Frozen Kingdom! Please enjoy the final lessons and make sure you keep all of your work to bring back to school. 


 Science - Week 6- Method board.pdfDownload
 Topic - Lesson 6 - Natural resources recording sheet.pdfDownload
 Week 6 Topic Learning.docxDownload
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Week 5 = Beginning 1st February 2021

Wk 5 - Literacy

By now, you should have written the Prologue and opening chapters of your new novel based upon Wilders. Please send me your drafts chapters- either by your new school email or hand them in at the school office where they will remain in quarantine before I can read them and feedback to you. 

This week, we will be finishing our last few chapters on Monday and Tuesday. Then, we will spend the rest of the week editing our work. 

Please keep following the plan and use the examples to help you, as well as all the resources below, that are provided to inspire your choice of vocabulary and to aid your spelling.  Keep using the story planner notes from last week to help you remember what is happening in each chapter. 

 Literacy - Wk 4 - Story plot planner notes.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wk 5 - adjectives.pdfDownload
 Literacy - Wk 5 - adverbs.pdfDownload
 Literacy - Wk 5 - fronted adverbials list.pdfDownload
 Literacy - Wk 5 - senses list.pdfDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Wk 5 - Editing examples.pdfDownload
 Literacy plan -Wolf Wilder - Week 5.docxDownload
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Wk 5 - Maths

Hopefully, you are now gaining an understanding of Fractions. Just keep reminding yourself that the denominator - the bottom number - represents how many pieces each whole is being broken into. The numerator - the top number - represents how many of the whole you are looking for.  So 3/4 means 3 out of 4.

These are your video links for this week's learning. The worksheet for Wednesday is split over two days - so you will be able to access a video for each side of the worksheet on the two days. You will also notice that there isn't a link for Friday - this is because I have given you a couple of Reasoning and Problem solving questions for Friday instead of a worksheet. 

Monday - Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions

Spr5.5.1 - Mixed numbers to improper fractions on Vimeo

Tuesday - Number Sequences

Spr5.5.2 - Number sequences on Vimeo

Wednesday - Compare and order fractions less than 1 – 1St part of sheet

Spr5.5.3 - Compare and order fractions less than 1 (first part of worksheet) on Vimeo

Thursday - Compare and order fractions less than 1 – 2nd  part of sheet

Spr5.5.4 - Compare and order fractions less than 1 (second part of worksheet) on Vimeo

Friday - Reasoning and Problem Solving sheet

No video for today – Use your learning so far to solve questions on the sheet


Wk 5 - Science

This week, we will be looking at food chains and learning the technical vocabulary that is associated with this area of Science. Who do you think is going to be the at top of the chain?

 Home Learning - Science - Wk 5.docxDownload
 Science - Week 5 - Antarctic food chains webs picture cards.pdfDownload
 Science - Week 5 - Food chain vocabulary cards.pdfDownload
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Wk 5 - Art

This week in Art, our focus will be the Aurora Borealis - known as the Northern Lights. 

Make sure you scroll down to page two of the document below to see images of this spectacular sight. 

Wk 5 - Topic

Everyone has heard of the Titanic - but do we really know all of the facts about this terrible disaster? This week, our learning is based upon this terrible tragedy and learning about the force of nature that caused this disaster.  

 Home Learning - Topic - Wk 5.docxDownload
 Topic - Wk 5 - Titanic info pack.pdfDownload
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Wk 5 - Spelling

Mrs Gibbons' group

Week 5


Homophones and near Homophones












Mrs Ball's group














Week 4 = Beginning 25th January 2021

Wk 4 - Literacy 

Wolf Wilder is turning out to be a book full of dramatic events! In class, we are really enjoying learning about life in the Arctic region of Russia for families like Feo's. 

Last week, we wrote our opening to our own novel. Hopefully, you have all been keeping up with the lessons here and have also written your descriptive opening.  

I have placed an example of my story opening on our class blog on Purple Mash - hopefully it will help inspire you and remind you of all the descriptive techniques we have already learnt about - personification/ alliteration/ simile/ metaphor and the use of powerful adjectives. 

REMEMBER - every time you write, you should be trying to paint a picture in your reader's mind.

So far, your opening should just be about the setting and your character's home - it should not have any characters yet.

This week, we won't be reading any more of the book, instead we will begin to plan our characters and story plot. You should recognise the character and story planners - they are similar to those we used for Letters from the Lighthouse.

Please try to keep up with the tasks in the plan each day and remember you need to send me your work so that I can give you some helpful feedback.

 Literacy - text purpose box up.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wk 4 - Names - Animals list for Arctic Countries.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wk 4 - Story plot planner notes.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wk 4 - story plot planner.pdfDownload
 Literacy - Wk 4 -character planner.pdfDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Opening scene - edited version.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Plan examples.pdfDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Week 4- Miss Phillips_ draft novel.docxDownload
 Literacy plan - Wolf Wilder - Week 4.docxDownload
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Wk 4 - Maths

This week, we are moving onto learn about Fractions, so by now you have hopefully completed the end of unit assessment for Multiplication and Division that you were given last week. Please remember to send me your score, either by email or on Purple Mash. 

Again, I have given you the worksheets for each day as well as the links below for the teaching videos. These will talk you through each step. 

What is a fraction? – Recap


Equivalent Fractions 1 – Recap


Equivalent Fractions


Fractions greater than 1 – Recap


Improper to Mixed Numbers


 Y4-Spring-Block-3-WO1-What-is-a-fraction_-2019 - Monday.pdfDownload
 Y4-Spring-Block-3-WO2-Equivalent-fractions-1-2019 - Tuesday.pdfDownload
 Y4-Spring-Block-3-WO4-Fractions-greater-than-1-2019 - Thursday.pdfDownload
 Y5 -Spring-Block-2-WO5-Improper-to-mixed-numbers-2019 - Friday.pdfDownload
 Y5-Spring-Block-2-WO1-Equivalent-fractions-2019- Wednesday.pdfDownload
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Wk 4 - Science

This week we will be looking at adaptations; finding out how living things have adapted to their environment.  Below you will find the plan and resources needed.

 Home Learning - Science Week 4 task.docxDownload
 Science - Adaption presentation.pdfDownload
 Science - Polar animals adaptation activity.docxDownload
 Science - Polar ecosystems info sheet.pdfDownload
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Wk 4 - Topic

Last week, we learnt about the explorer Robert Falcon Scott. This week, we are going to look at the timeline of exploration to Antarctica, where you will need to think about which events are significant for knowledge of the world's discovery. 

 Home Learning -Topic Week 4 task.docxDownload
 Topic - Antarctic exploration timeline.pdfDownload
 Topic - Significant event writing frame.pdfDownload
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Wk 4 - Art

This week, we will be using many different techniques to create texture within our images. You will find the plan and resources below. Have fun creating!

 Drawing Techniques to create texture.docxDownload
 Frozen Kingdom - Art - animal-stencil.pdfDownload
 Home learning - Art - Week 4 task.docxDownload
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Wks 4 - 6  - RE

This week, we will be starting our new unit of learning - it is based upon Baptism. 

Please remember that, just like in school, you should be completing two lessons each week. Don't forget to complete the Unit Marker as well.

This unit builds upon our previous learning in Year 4.

You will also find some ideas from the Diocesan Education department for Home Learning.

 RE - Unit E - Baptism - Biblical map and John the Baptist.docxDownload
 RE - Unit E - Baptism - Catholic Baptism Promises- video link.pptxDownload
 RE - Unit E - Baptism - Comaprison sheet.docxDownload
 RE - Unit E - Baptism - for Home Learning PLAN.docxDownload
 RE - Unit E - Baptism - John testifies about Jesus - John 1- 29 34.docxDownload
 RE - Unit E - Baptism - Unit Marker.docxDownload
 RE - Unit E - Baptism of Jesus Gospel readings.docxDownload
 RE - Unit E - Baptism of the Lord powerpoint.pptDownload
 RE - Unit E - The Baptism of Jesus artwork.pptxDownload
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Wk 4 - Spelling

Mrs Ball's group












Mrs Gibbons' group

Week 4


Homophones and near Homophones













Week 3 = Beginning 18th January 2021

Wk 3 - Literacy

I hope you are enjoying our new novel The Wolf Wilder. It would be good to hear your comments about it on our Purple Mash Class Blog.

Below you will find this week's plan and the next group of chapters that you will need to read.

This week you will begin to write your first mini chapter for your own novel. You will need to upload your work and send it to the school office, so that I can give you some feedback.


 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 5.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 6.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 7.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 8.docxDownload
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Wk 3 - Maths

 Below you will find links to the worksheets for this week's learning. This is our last week of Multiplication and Division so the last activity is an End Of Unit Assessment. As usual, I would ask you to try your best. I have also added some Reasoning and Problem Solving questions - you could try as many of them as you can. Remember to explain your idea or show your working out.

When you have completed the assessment please email the school office with your score. 

As we have not worked together on Division in school, I have listed some links to videos (from White Rose) that will talk you through examples. These may be more helpful than the usual videos on the White Rose Home Learning page.

Divide 2 digits by 1 digit      https://vimeo.com/492054019

Divide 3 digits by 1 digit      https://vimeo.com/492054040

Divide 4 digits by 1 digit      https://vimeo.com/492054136

Divide with remainders       https://vimeo.com/492054148

 Y5 Spring Block 1 WO6 Divide 4-digits by 1-digit 2019.pdfDownload
 Y5 Spring Block 1 WO7 Divide with remainders 2019.pdfDownload
 Year-5-Multiplication-and-Division - End of Unit Assessment.pdfDownload
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Here are some problem solving and reasoning problems

Wk 3 - Science 

Your focus this week will be Classification Keys. You will learn how scientists use them. 

Below you will find the lesson plan and the resources you will need.

 Home Learning - Science Week 3 task.docxDownload
 Science - Classification key diagram.pdfDownload
 Science - Polar animals picture cards.pdfDownload
 Science - Unusual animals picture cards.pdfDownload
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Wk 3 - Topic

This week you will be looking at the Polar discovery of Robert Falcon Scott.  

Click on the links below to access the lesson plan and the resources.

 Home Learning -Topic Week 3 task.docxDownload
 Topic - Robert Falcon Scott info sheet.pdfDownload
 Topic - Scotts decisions answer sheet.pdfDownload
 Topic - Scotts decisions recording sheet.pdfDownload
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Wk 3 - Art

This week you will continue to create work based upon the Inuit style of artwork. Your ideas will show that you can portray an animal from different perspectives. 

Below you will find the plan and resource.

 Frozen Kingdom - Art - animal-stencil.pdfDownload
 Home Learning - Art Week 3.docxDownload
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Wk 3 - Spelling

Don't forget to try different methods of practising your spellings - use the booklet you were given with your homework book. 

Mrs Ball's group











Mrs Gibbons' group

Creating nouns using –ship suffix












Week 2 =  Beginning 11th January 2021

Wk2 - Maths 

Please follow the link below to access videos for our 2nd week of learning



The videos for this week will be released on Monday 11th

Below you will find the worksheets that accompany each lesson 

 Y5 Spring Block 1 WO3 Multiply 2-digits by 2-digits 2019.pdfDownload
 Y5 Spring Block 1 WO4 Multiply 3-digits by 2-digits 2019.pdfDownload
 Y5 Spring Block 1 WO5 Multiply 4-digits by 2-digits 2019.pdfDownload
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Here are a couple of challenges for this week

Wk 2 - Literacy  

This week we are going to begin reading and working on our new novel called 'The Wolf Wilder'.

Below you will find links to each chapter and the activities we would like you to complete. Please only read each chapter as directed on the plan. We have also provided you with a novel organiser. 

This is another fascinating story with lots of twists and turns. Please remember to keep uploading examples of your work either to our new Class Blog in Purple Mash or email copies to the school office = office@stjohnfisher.co.uk

 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - A Note on Wilders.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 1.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 2.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 3.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 4.docxDownload
 Literacy plan - Home Learning - Week 2.docxDownload
 Wolf Wilder - Story organsier-Home Learning.docxDownload
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Wk 2 - RE - Christmas Unit

 Below you will find a plan for the next 3 weeks of learning. It is based upon the church's season of Christmas. You will find resources to go with the activities planned. Please try and complete 2 lessons each week, just like we would do in class.

 RE - Unit D - nativity journey maps.docxDownload
 RE - Unit D Christmas - for Home Learning.docxDownload
 RE - Unit D Christmas - The Birth of Jesus in Luke's Gospel.docxDownload
 RE - Unit D Christmas - The Birth of Jesus in Matthew's Gospel.docxDownload
 RE - Unit D Christmas - Yr 5 Unit Marker.docxDownload
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Wk2 - ART 

This week, we are beginning to look at the style of art which the Inuit people are famous for. Use the first slide on the powerpoint to give you ideas for different activities to complete.

These are links to videos about Inuit Art:

The Epicentre of Inuit Art – YouTube

Kenojuak Ashevak, Inuit Artist – YouTube    

Wk2 - Science/Topic

Please work your way through the powerpoint slides for information and instructions on the activities to complete. The resources you need are also here for you to download.

 Adapting to Survive Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Arctic Fox Fact Card.pdfDownload
 Emperor Fact Card.pdfDownload
 Krill Fact Card.pdfDownload
 Leopard Seal Fact Card.pdfDownload
 Orca Fact Card.pdfDownload
 Polar Animals Matching Pairs Cards.pdfDownload
 Polar Bear Fact Card.pdfDownload
 Reindeer Fact Card.pdfDownload
 Snowy Owl Fact Card.pdfDownload
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Spellings for Week 2

Mrs Gibbons' group

Creating nouns using –ness suffix












Mrs Ball's group












Week 1 = Beginning 4th January 2021


Please follow the link below to access videos for our first week of learning 


Below you will find the worksheets that accompany each lesson - you will notice that some of these are recap sheets to begin our new focus of learning.

These sheets are for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

 Y5 Spring Block 1 WO1 Multiply 4-digits by 1-digit 2019.pdfDownload
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These are your problem solving activities for Friday:

Remember in order to prove your answer you must complete several calculations

Use the slider to enlarge the size of the document on screen


You can also access the 2do Activities on Purple Mash which is updated weekly and monitored daily by Mrs Gibbons - so do leave any messages or concerns! You just need to use your username and password - remember it is inside the cover of your homework book




This week, you will be looking at the story: A Place for Plastic. Below are the links you need to read the eBook, answer reading questions, write a letter to you MP (Anneliese Dodds) about Plastic pollution and other activities. Again, please bring evidence of your learning to school when we all come back!

A Place for Plastic - Story Power Point.pptx

Reading Questions on story.pptx

Letter to a Local MP Example.pdf

Letter to a Local MP Template.pdf

Ocean Pollution Writing Activity.pdf

End plastic pollution-differentiated-reading-comprehension.pdf


To start our new term and new year, think about what you would like to set yourself as your new Mission Statement. Below you will find a template of a flower to record your new Mission Statement for Spring Terms 1 and 2. You could ask your family to send a photo of it to school and I can print it off and place it on our Mission Statement board.


This term our virtues are focussed upon being grateful and generous. Can you think of ways we can demonstrate this in school? You could look at the template below and think of other examples of Gospel stories or Hymns that link to the virtues.


 For Topic this week, you can choose something from the project list sent home over Christmas. Click here: home-learning-ideas.pdf

We would also like you to begin exploring our new topic with some of the useful links below: 

antarctic 1.pdf

arctic 1.pdf






Spellings for Week 1

Remember to use the spelling activity pack from your homework book to find a fun way to practise this week's spellings

Mrs Gibbons' Group


Week 1


Creating nouns using –ity suffix












Mrs Ball's Group

Week 1












Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation (SPaG) Guidance for Parents

Below you will find a document providing information about all the SPaG that your child will learn during Year 5


Websites to help with times tables practice

Please practice your 3,4,6 and 8 times tables to begin with. Then move onto your 7, 9 and 12 times tables. You should already be confident with the 2, 5, 10 and 11 times tables.



Scroll down to find each of the times tables videos