Thank you to all of the families who have continued to support the children in their on going learning journey, despite the challenges of learning at home. You are doing a GREAT job! 

Spring term 2: Week 2

Hello St Josephine's class. We are looking forward to seeing you all on the 8th March. Keep working hard and being the best that you can be. Make sure that you send in your learning so far, by email or bring it into school. We are looking forward to reading it!


In math this week we will continue to consolidate our understanding of fractions. I have attached the learning clips from last week so that you can watch them again if you need to. There are also new fraction activities on purple mash. Please email me if you need help.

Here are the video links for the addition and subtraction sequence of learning that we will be looking at during the week.

  1. Adding fractions revision
  2. Adding two or more numbers
  3. Subtracting fractions revision
  4. Subtracting 2 or more numbers
  5. Subtract from whole amounts
 -2. Fractions-Greater-Than-1 problem solving.pdfDownload
 1. Fractions-Greater-Than-1 revision.pdfDownload
 4. -VF-Add-2-or-More-Fractions.pdfDownload
 5. problem solving Add-2-or-More-Fractions.pdfDownload
 6 challenge Add-2-or-More-Fractions (1).pdfDownload
 challenge Fractions-Greater-than-1.pdfDownload
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Reading workshop:

We will continue to work on chapters 1-5 of The Demon Dentist this week, answering questions about the plot, characters and the vocabulary that David Walliams uses.

I have attached the PDF of the book again, so that you can find it easily.

It is WORLD book day on Wednesday! We will be celebrating as a class when you return to school!

 Animal_Skulls (1).pptDownload
 photos canine molar incisor and teeth chart.docDownload
 Teeth comp - MA.docxDownload
 week 2 Animals and their teeth.pptDownload
 week 2 ScienceComparingAnimalTeeth.pdfDownload
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 spellings week 2 01.03.2021.docxDownload
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R.E. We will continue to travel our journey of Lent. We will focus on the importance of forgiveness this week.

 Lent forgiveness 04.03.2020.pptxDownload
 Lent week 2 lesson 1 temptation letter posters.docxDownload
 R.E. week 2 lesson 1 spring 2.docxDownload
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Art: This week we will be drawing our own design, based on drawing fruit and vegetables and combining them like the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

 Fruit Face Design sheet.docDownload
 Giuseppe Arcimboldo - hulme lesson 2.pptxDownload
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Thank you to all of the families who have continued to support the children in their on going learning journey, despite the challenges of learning at home. You are doing a GREAT job! 

Home Learning Spring Term 2

Welcome back St Josephine class learners! I hope that you have had a restful week with your families and that you are all safe and well. I hope that it won't belong before we are all back at school, learning and being the best that we can be! Our new topic is:


                                                                        Bottoms, burps and bile!

We will be taking a journey from the start finish of the digestive system!


                                          IMPORTANT REMINDERS:

Please upload or bring in completed work to the school office from Spring 1 term.  Please keep checking the school website for updates, your emails from class teachers and Ms Carbon so that you are aware how to help your children and the breadth of learning and support that is available to everyone.

All children are expected to upload a variety (e.g. R.E. literacy, maths, science, geography or history work every week, so that teachers are able to provide feedback and next steps to guide learning and inform planning.

Packs are available from the school office from Monday onwards. Please return completed packs when you collect the new pack.

Maths week 1 Spring term 2 - Fraction focus this week.  Complete the consolidation activities before the challenges, to make sure that you are confident before we move on in our learning. There are more activities on purple mash too.

Maths Spring 2 week 1 St Josephine’s class


- 1/10 (tenths of fractions)

-equivalent fractions

Send me the learning so that I can check! BEFORE you move onto this ….

Here are the video links for the addition and subtraction sequence of learning that we will be looking at during the week.

  1. Adding fractions revision
  2. Adding two or more numbers
  3. Subtracting fractions revision
  4. Subtracting 2 or more numbers
  5. Subtract from whole amounts


  • If you are feeling confident, watch one of the slides above each day and answer the questions as you go along.
  • Then email me on the St Josephine’s email address and I can send some more learning to you.
  • More challenges can be found on: website


 masths sub revisionY3-Summer-Block-1-WO7-Subtract-fractions-2020.pdfDownload
 maths sub whole ammY4-Spring-Block-3-WO8-Subtract-from-whole-amounts-2019.pdfDownload
 maths add 2 more frac Y4-Spring-Block-3-WO6-Add-2-or-more-fractions-2019-1.pdfDownload
 maths add frac Y3-Summer-Block-1-WO6-Add-fractions-2020.pdfDownload
 maths sub fracY4-Spring-Block-3-WO7-Subtract-2-fractions-2019.pdfDownload
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Reading workshop Week 1 term 2

Our new book this term is The Demon Dentist, by David Walliams!

 Image result for demon dentist

I have attached the PDF for you to read and answer some questions to help your comprehension! You will need to read chapters 1,2,3 and 4 this week. There are pictures and words to help you to enjoy this book!

Click here to listen to an audio version of chapter 1:


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 Reading Workshop week 1 Demon Dentist.docxDownload
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Writing and science week 1 Spring term 2:

During the next two weeks, we will be focusing on teeth, researching information and carrying our experiments to inform us. We will then use this information to write out own leaflet, about why it is important to visit the dentist, how we can prevent tooth decay. It is important to do as many activities as you can as this will help you to design your leaflet.

Day 1:

  1. Modal verbs powerpoint SPAG
  2. Writing: watch the powerpoint
  3. Read 2 of the leaflet examples carefully and then complete the comparison chart sheet
  4. Watch science teeth powerpoint
  5. Science: complete the sheet – labelling teeth

Day 2:

  1. SPAG synonyms for verbs
  2. Writing: Look at your learning from yesterday (identifying what we need to include for a leaflet about going to the dentist), watch the powerpoints again on teeth if you need to. Make sure that you have enough information and facts!
  3. Use the planning sheet to plan information about teeth. You will need to include facts like:

-What do ks1 need to know about looking after their teeth?

-Prevent decay? How to brush their teeth – full instructions

-Healthy eating ideas so that they eat less sugar –which are the best and worst food for your teeth how much sugar should you be OK?-

-Labels on teeth diagram – specific vocabulary - understanding what it means ( use the sheet from Monday on teeth labelling to help you)

  1. Write the paragraph about how to prevent decay – use specific language!
  2.  Science : look at a selection of 4 drinks in your cupboard at home. Create  a table in your book to represent how much sugar they have in the carton/bottle. Do the same with some 4 snacks. Keep this information to use on your plan.

 Day 3: Writing: subheading: Looking after your teeth and how to do it

  1. Edit check verbs – no repetition! Verb replacements synonyms for …

look after /take care,       

brush/clean /wash/scrub     


  1. Read Tots and decay newspaper article
  2. Look at your subheadings, add in another sentence for each
  3. Use a green pen to edit your work from the beginning

Day 4: Writing: subheading:  visiting the dentist


  1. Write the last paragraph about:

Why go?

How often?

What happens?

Who can go?

  1. Read through your first complete draft, All of this should be in the planning sheet. Check that you have used interesting sentences, and no repeats!

SEND it to school so I can read them and give you some feed back!

  1. Science:

Carry out fizzy drinks experiment –

you will need:

egg shell

100 mls of water

100 mls of milk

100 mls of fizzy drink

100 mls of squash

predict what will happen to the shell if a piece is places in a glass of water over the weekend.

Which will stay the same/change? How will it change?

Write down your predictions on the science recording sheet! SEND it in!


 day 1 week 1 teeth_and_healthy_eating (1).pptDownload
 information texts week 1 day 1 spring.pptxDownload
 leaflets comparison and check list.pdfDownload
 purple mash Human Body - My Teeth.pdfDownload
 purple mash teeth info sheet.pdfDownload
 week 1 leaflets.docxDownload
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RE week 1 Spring term 2 This week we will be changing our prayer table cloth to purple as we are in the sacred season of Lent. We hope that you were able to join the live streaming of Ash Wednesday Mass at ST Chad's Cathedral. How many pancakes did you make?

 ash wednesday fact sheet.pdfDownload
 Assembly Lent-- Ash-Wednesday -Shrove Tuesday-Presentation.pptxDownload
 Lent forgiveness 04.03.2020.pptxDownload
 RE - Unit G - Lent in-a-bag-trifold-Booklet.pdfDownload
 The temptation of Jesus week 1 session 2.docxDownload
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ART: week 1 Spring term 2

We will be focusing on 3 dimensional ( 3D) from in art this term. We will use the observation skills that we used to look at pattern from our mosaic  sessions last term and apply this to our observational drawing of real fruit and vegetables. We will then make a composition based on the skills that we are developing.

Watch the powerpoint and do the activity at the end. You will need some pictures of fruit and vegetables from magazines/newspapers!

Have fun, send us your pictures!

 Arcimboldo powerpoint lesson 1.pptDownload
 Responding worksheet to art.docxDownload
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