Home Learning Spring Term 2


For any children who have to isolate or work from home, home learning will be posted on the class blog and packs can be collected from the office! 




Each week, please follow the learning provided on this page/in your pack and the 2Dos on Purple Mash. In year 6, we expect you to complete a math and literacy lesson, at least 1 2Do on Purple mash DAILY and a topic lesson or RE lesson daily. Make sure you keep evidence of your learning for when you return and you can also send us examples or photos of your work on the PurpleMash class blog, 2email or your new emails you will be sent by Monday.

Weekly music- lessons can be found on this link to Rock Steady. KS2 session run every Friday at 2- 2:30pm. Use this Link which will update weekly: Friday 15th January - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=700gKDgHH58&feature=youtu.be  

Weekly PE - can now be down with Joe Wickes on his YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ

Rewards - You cans till earn stickers for your chart by sending in work and every 5 Purple Mash reward equals 1 sticker!

Well-being Wednesdays: Don't forget to have some time away from screens and reflect on all the wonderful things you have! Here are some activities you could do..

100 Things to do indoors.docx

my positive affirmations journal

Pobble - Non-Screen activities to do at home.docx


Oxford United Activity Books 

Oxford_United_Activity_Workbook Week 1.pdf

Activity Workbook Week2.pdf

week 3 book.pdf

Week 2 (1st - 5th March) 

RE week 2 

This week, we will be starting our lent unit. We are already in the season of Lent and hopefully you attended Mass last week to remind you all about this season of preparation, penance and forgiveness. In your packs, you have the Lent Workbook. Please do lessons 1 and 2 this week, and bring it with you on Monday 8th March. 

Please also see the PowerPoint for our virtues this term: Attentive & Discerning. 

RE Lent Workbook - Home Learning Term 4.docx

RE - Yr 6 - Lent Home Learning - Unit F - Term 4.docx

Assembly - Virtues - Attentive and Discerning.pptx


Math week 2: Measures - Area & Perimeter (we will recap all this next week in class together before we move on, please don't worry if you find it tricky!). 

This week, you will be looking at area and perimeter of shapes. This is a 2 week unit and we will be carrying on when you all return next week so please complete the work and bring it all back with you. 

Knowledge Organiser - Perimeter Area and Volume yr 6.docx

Spr6.8.1 - Shapes - same area on Vimeo

lesson 1 powerpoint - Shapes - same area.pptx

lesson 1 worksheet - Shapes - same area.pdf

Spr6.8.2 - Area and perimeter on Vimeo

lesson 2 powerpoint - Area and perimeter.pptx

lesson 2 worksheet - Area and perimeter.pdf

Spr6.8.3 - Area of a triangle (1) on Vimeo

lesson 3 powerpoint - Area of a triangle (1).pptx

lesson 3 worksheet - Area of a triangle (1).pdf

Spr6.8.4 - Area of a triangle (2) on Vimeo

lesson 4 powerpoint - Area of a triangle (2).pptx

lesson 4 - Area of a triangle (2).pdf

Spr6.8.5 - Area of a triangle (3) on Vimeo

lesson 5 powerpoint - Area of a triangle (3).pptx

Lesson 5 - worksheet - Area-of-a-triangle-3.pdf


Literacy Week 2

This week, you will be exploring poetry: kenning & limerick poems, and writing your own inspired by the wonderful mini-beasts. 

*Beetle Boy Chapters have been set as 2Dos on Purple Mash*


 wk 2 - Kennings Planning Sheet.pdfDownload
 wk 2 - limerick planner.pdfDownload
 wk 2- Kennings Teaching Powerpoint.pptDownload
 wk 2- Limericks Teaching Powerpoint.pptDownload
 Yr 5-6 Literacy plan - Week 2.docxDownload
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Topic week 2 

 Home Learning - Art-DT -Beast Creator - Wk 2.docxDownload
 Home Learning - Beast Creator - Science - Wk 2.docxDownload
 Home Learning - Topic - Beast Creator - Wk 2.docxDownload
 Topic - Wk 2 - Beast Creator - Mapping Minibeasts - Where they originate.docxDownload
 Topic - Wk 2 - Beast Creator - Mapping Minibeasts - World Map labelled.pdfDownload
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Week 1 ( 22nd - 26th February) 


RE week 1

We have 2 lessons left of the Baptism RE planning from last term - you already have this in your pack. Please complete these 2 this week, before we start Lent next week. 

Useful RE Blog Posts: 

Week 6 RE post 12.2.pdf

week 5 RE post - 3.2.pdf

Use the files below for all your learning resources:

 RE - Baptism Service - info.docDownload
 RE - baptism-key-terms-activity-sheets-english.pdfDownload
 RE - Home Learning - Yr 6 - Unit E - Jan 2021.docxDownload
 RE - The Rite of Baptism - script for role play.docxDownload
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Literacy week 1

Our topic this term is 'Beast Creator.' Our literacy will be bug-related and beast-inspired each week. This week, we will start by researching a mini-beast and writing non-chronological reports to share information on your chosen critter. 


 week 1 - text examples.docxDownload
 wk 1- Information Text Check list.docxDownload
 Yr 5-6 Literacy plan - Week 1.docxDownload
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Topic Week 1

See the source image

To kick start our exciting new topic, this week you will be going on a bug hunt in your garden or on your daily walk. You will also be looking at Charles Darwin's  sketches to help create your own... 

Useful websites to help you: 

Insects (nationalgeographic.com)

Minibeasts - KS2 Science - BBC Bitesize

Minibeasts | TheSchoolRun

What is a Minibeast? And Other Bug Facts - Woodland Trust

 Home Learning - Topic - Beast Creator - Wk 1.docxDownload
 Topic - Wk 1 - Beast Creator - minibeast-hunt checklist.pdfDownload
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Science Week 1

This week, you will be able to use your knowledge of classification keys to classify a range of weird and wonderful minibeasts. 

 Home Learning - Beast Creator - Science - Wk 1.docxDownload
 Science - Wk 1 - Beast Creator - Classifying Minibeasts Identification key.docxDownload
 Science - Wk 1 - Beast Creator - Classifying Minibeasts images.docxDownload
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Art Week 1 

This week, you will be exploring the work and discoveries of Charles Darwin, then using detail to create your own imagery of minibeasts.

 Art - Wk 1 - Charles Darwin - Insect Illustrations - Presentation.pdfDownload
 Art - Wk 1 - Charles Darwin - Insect illustrations Picture Cards.pdfDownload
 Home Learning - Art-DT -Beast Creator - Wk 1.docxDownload
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