Home Learning - January 2020

Each week, please follow the learning provided on this page and the 2Dos on Purple Mash. In year 6, we expect you to complete a math and literacy lesson, at least 1 2Do on Purple mash DAILY and a topic lesson or RE lesson daily. Make sure you keep evidence of your learning for when you return and you can also send us examples or photos of your work on the PurpleMash class blog, 2email or your new emails you will be sent by Monday.

Weekly music- lessons can be found on this link to Rock Steady. KS2 session run every Friday at 2- 2:30pm. Use this Link which will update weekly: Friday 15th January - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=700gKDgHH58&feature=youtu.be  

Weekly PE - can now be down with Joe Wickes on his YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ

Rewards - You cans till earn stickers for your chart by sending in work and every 5 Purple Mash reward equals 1 sticker!

Well-being Wednesdays: Don't forget to have some time away from screens and reflect on all the wonderful things you have! Here are some activities you could do..

100 Things to do indoors.docx

my positive affirmations journal

Pobble - Non-Screen activities to do at home.docx



Oxford United Activity Books 

Oxford_United_Activity_Workbook Week 1.pdf

Activity Workbook Week2.pdf

Week 6 (8th - 12th February)

 Friday 12th Blog Post: half term post 12.2.pdf

RE week 5 & 6 

Please see the home learning plan for RE. Our new Unit is Baptism. You need to complete 2 RE lessons a week, as we would in school. Please record you RE learning in a special book or folder. If you need a book, you can ask the office for one.

RE Blog Posts: 

Week 6 RE post 12.2.pdf

week 5 RE post - 3.2.pdf

Use the files below for all your learning resources:

RE resources

 Home Learning supprt - Diocesan ed.docxDownload
 RE - Baptism Service - info.docDownload
 RE - baptism-key-terms-activity-sheets-english.pdfDownload
 RE - Catholic Confirmation - info.docDownload
 RE - Home Learning - Yr 6 - Unit E - Jan 2021.docxDownload
 RE - Images for Baptism.docDownload
 RE - The Rite of Baptism - script for role play.docxDownload
 RE - Unit Marker - Baptism and Confirmation.docxDownload
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Math week 6: Algebra 

Please follow lessons and links below to access videos and activities linked to our current learning for Spring Block 3 - WEEK 6- Algebra and use the tabs below to find worksheets for each day...pick the video to match the worksheet name. The worksheets are also numbered in your home pack. 

Spr6.6.1 - Forming equations on Vimeo

Lesson 1 - Y6-Spring-Block-3-WO6-Forming-equations-2019.pdf

Lesson 1 PP- Forming equations.pptx

Spr6.6.2 - Solve simple one-step equations on Vimeo

Lesson 2 PP - Solve simple one-step equations.pptx

Lesson 2 - Y6-Spring-Block-3-WO7-Solve-simple-one-step-equations-.pdf

Spr6.6.3 - Solve two-step equations on Vimeo

Lesson 3 PP- Solve two-step equations.pptx

Lesson 3 PP- Solve two-step equations.pptx

Spr6.6.4 - Find pairs of values (1) on Vimeo

Lesson 4 PP - Find pairs of values (1).pptx

Lesson 4 - Y6-Spring-Block-3-WO9-Find-pairs-of-values-1-2019.pdf

Spr6.6.5 - Find pairs of values (2) on Vimeo

Lesson 5 PP - Find pairs of values (2).pptx

Lesson 5 - Y6-Spring-Block-3-WO10-Find-pairs-of-values-2.pd

At  the end of the week, please complete the End of Block assessment and send it back to me: 

 End of block Assessment - Spring-Block-3-Year-6-Algebra.pdf

Week 6 Math Challenges: 


Substitution Activity Sheet.pdf

Literacy week 6: Publishing!

This week you will be publishing your novels! You can type or write, but be sure to illustrate and make your front and back covers too. If you need paper, I have left packs of A5 paper and line guides in the office. Just ask for one when you collect your week 6 pack. You also get to FINALLY know what happens in the rest of The Wolf WILDER.. get reading!

literacy week 6 resources

 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 10.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 11.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 12.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 13.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 14.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 15.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 9.docxDownload
 week 6- Miss Phillips_ final draft.docxDownload
 Yr 5-6 Literacy Plan - week 6.docxDownload
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Topic Learning week 6

Happy last week of The Frozen Kingdom! Enjoy your final activities and remember to keep your work to show us soon. 

topic week 6 resources

 Science - Week 6- Method board.pdfDownload
 Topic - Lesson 6 - Natural resources recording sheet.pdfDownload
 Week 6 Topic Learning.docxDownload
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Week 5 (1st - 5th February)


Literacy week 5: Editing 

This week, we will spend Monday and Tuesday finishing our draft of our novels. Then the rest of the week editing our stories! Please follow the daily planning and use my examples to help you. All these resources are in your home pack. 

literacy resources

 week 5 - adjectives.pdfDownload
 week 5 - adverbs.pdfDownload
 week 5 - fronted adverbials list.pdfDownload
 week 5 - Miss P edit example.pdfDownload
 week 5 - senses list.pdfDownload
 week 5 - year 3-4 Spellings.pdfDownload
 week 5 - year 5-6 Spellings.pdfDownload
 Yr 5-6 Literacy plan - week 5.docxDownload
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Topic Week 5

This week for your topic learning, you will be exploring Polar food chains, the historic event of the Titanic and creating art inspired by the Northern Lights. Enjoy!

 Science - Week 5 - Antarctic food chains webs picture cards.pdfDownload
 Science - Week 5 - Food chain vocabulary cards.pdfDownload
 Topic - Lesson 5 - Titanic info pack.pdfDownload
 Week 5- Topic Home Learning.docxDownload
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RE week 2-4 

Please see the home learning for RE for our Unit on Christmas. You need to complete 2 RE lessons a week, as we would in school. Please record you RE learning in a special book or folder. If you need a book, you can ask the office for one. Click below for your learning:

RE - Home Learning - Yr 6 - Unit D Christmas - Jan 2021.docx

Week 4 (25th - 29th January)

Math week 4

This week, we will be finishing lesson from last week and revising some areas in more depth. Therefore, there may not be a daily video, as we are mostly doing our own sheets. However, do use the videos to recap areas you do again. As always, follow the link below to access videos and activities linked to our current learning for Year 6 > SPRING WEEK 3- Percentages and use the tabs below to find worksheets for each day...pick the video to match the worksheet name. BBC bite-size may also be helpful. Don't forget to also do you PurpleMash math. 

Please Complete the end of block assessments - I would like these sent to me by Friday via email or Purple Mash.




math week 4 resources

 day 1 - find-50-25-and-10-percent-of-amounts-differentiated-activity-sheets.pdfDownload
 day 1 - PowerPoint - percentage-of-an-amount.pptxDownload
 day 2 - missing values PowerPoint.pptxDownload
 Day 2 - Percentages-missing-values.pdfDownload
 day 3 - converting-fractions-decimals-and-percentages revision.pdfDownload
 day 4 - percenatges of a price activity.pdfDownload
 day 5 - Reasoning Problems - Yr-5-Spring-Block-3-Decimals-and-Percentages (1).pptxDownload
 day 5 - Reasoning Problems - Yr-6-Spring-Block-2-Percentages.pptxDownload
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Literacy week 4 

What a dramatic book The Wolf Wilder is turning out to be! It's about time we wrote our own...

This week we will begin to plan our own Arctic Adventure novels! We will be doing it all very similar to how we did Letters to the Lighthouse so you will recognise all our story writing resources.

Please follow the daily planning to keep up! And make sure you submit the work asked of you, on the right day. 

Literacy resources week 4

 week 4 - Miss P's plan examples.pdfDownload
 week 4 - non-chron planner template.docxDownload
 week 4 - Story plot planner notes.docxDownload
 week 4 - text purpose box up.docxDownload
 week 4 -character planner.pdfDownload
 week 4 -non-chronological-report-sentence-openers-word-mat_ver_2.pdfDownload
 week 4- Miss Phillips_ draft novel.docxDownload
 week 4-features-of-a-non-chronological-report-text-checklist_ve.pdfDownload
 wk 4 - Names - Animals list for Arctic Countries.docxDownload
 Yr 5-6 Literacy plan - week 4.docxDownload
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Topic Home Learning Week 4

This week, you will be furthering you understanding of polar adaptions and ecosystems, creating more Inuit inspired art, as well as exploring the history of polar exploration in Antarctica! Don't forget there is also useful resources on Purple Mash and to submit your work on the class blog!


Also, have a look at the French animals activities I have uploaded on to Purple Mash. 

Topic resources week 4

 Drawing Techniques to create texture.docxDownload
 Frozen Kingdom - Art - animal-stencil.pdfDownload
 Home learning - Art - Week 4 task.docxDownload
 Home Learning - Science Week 4 task.docxDownload
 Home Learning -Topic Week 4 task.docxDownload
 Science - Adaption presentation.pdfDownload
 Science - Polar animals adaptation activity.docxDownload
 Science - Polar ecosystems info sheet.pdfDownload
 Topic - Antarctic exploration timeline.pdfDownload
 Topic - Significant event writing frame.pdfDownload
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Week 3 (18th - 22nd January)


Maths week 3

Please follow the link below to access videos and activities linked to our current learning for SPRING WEEK 3- Percentages and use the tabs below to find worksheets for each day...pick the video to match the worksheet name.


Math week 3 - sheets & Teaching slides

 Lesson 1 - Fractions-to-percentages yr 6.pdfDownload
 lesson 1 - yr 5 recap - Understand-percentages.pdfDownload
 Lesson 1 PowerPoint-Fractions-to-percentages.pptxDownload
 Lesson 2 - Equivalent-FDP.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 PowerPoint - Equivalent-FDP.pptxDownload
 lesson 3 - order FDP.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 PowerPoint -Order-FDP.pptxDownload
 Lesson 4 - Percentage-of-an-amount-1.pdfDownload
 Lesson 4 - PowerPoint - percentage-of-an-amount.pptxDownload
 lesson 5 - Percentage-of-an-amount-2.pdfDownload
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Other useful math resources - week 3

 Flash Back 4 - Year-6-Spring-Block-2.pptxDownload
 Year 6-decimals-knowledge-organiser.pdfDownload
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Literacy week 3 

I hope you are enjoying The Wolf Wilder and joining Feo on her heart-racing adventures! This week, we will continue to read a chapter each day as we explore characters to build on our skills before we write our own Arctic adventures. Please follow the daily planning & reading. Don't forget to discuss our chapters on the class blog. 

Literacy plan & chapters

 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 5.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 6.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 7.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 8.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 9.docxDownload
 Yr 5-6 Literacy plan - week 3.docxDownload
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Topic Week 3 

This week you will learn about Robert Falcon Scott, how to classify animals and create more Inuit art...

 Frozen Kingdom - Art - animal-stencil.pdfDownload
 Home Learning - Art Week 3.docxDownload
 Home Learning -Topic Week 3 task.docxDownload
 Science - Week 3 - Polar animals picture cards.pdfDownload
 Science - Week 3 - Unusual animals picture cards.pdfDownload
 Science - week 3- Classification key diagram.pdfDownload
 Topic - Robert Falcon Scott info sheet.pdfDownload
 Topic - Scotts decisions answer sheet.pdfDownload
 Topic - Scotts decisions recording sheet.pdfDownload
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                                 Week 2 (11th - 15th January)

Maths week 2

Please follow the link below to access videos and activities linked to our current learning for SPRING WEEK 2- Number & Decimal and use the tabs below to find worksheets for each day...


You can also find work books you can do at home on the White Rose Home Learning page:


You can access all years and blocks from last term you may wish to revise!


Literacy week 2

This week we are going to begin reading and working on our new novel called 'The Wolf Wilder'.

Below you will find links to each chapter and the activities we would like you to complete. Please only read each chapter as directed on the plan. We have also provided you with a Story organiser to keep notes.

This is another fascinating story with lots of twists and turns. Please remember to keep uploading examples of your work either to our new Class Blog in Purple Mash or email copies to the school officeoffice@stjohnfisher.co.uk

 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - A Note on Wilders.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 1.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 2.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 3.docxDownload
 Literacy - Wolf Wilder - Chapter 4.docxDownload
 Wolf Wilder - Story organsier-Home Learning.docxDownload
 Yr 5-6 Literacy plan - Week 2.docxDownload
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This weeks' spellings are: spellings with the pattern 'ough'

  • ought
  • bought
  • brought
  • thought 
  • nought
  • cough
  • plough
  • although

Please write a definition for each and use it in a sentence as you would normally do in your Homework book. 

ART week 2

This week, we are beginning to look at the style of art which the Inuit people are famous for. Use the first slide on the powerpoint to give you ideas for different activities to complete.

Useful links: 





 inuit art recoridng sheet.docxDownload
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Science/Topic week 2

Please work your way through the PowerPoint slides for information and instructions on the activities to complete. The resources you need are also here for you to download.

Useful topic links:




 Animal adaptions fact file - Week 2.docxDownload
 Polar Climate Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
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Week 1 - (5th - 8th January)


Maths week 1

Please follow the link below to access videos and activities linked to our current learning for SPRING WEEK 1- Number & Decimal and use the tabs below to find worksheets for each day...


Worksheets for this week:

 lesson 1 - classroom secrets sheet.pdfDownload
 lesson 1- recap decimals up to 2 places.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 - recap thousandths.pdfDownload
 lesson 3 - 3 decimal places - yr 6.pdfDownload
 lesson 3 - classroom secrets sheet.pdfDownload
 lesson 4 - classroom secrets sheet.pptxDownload
 lesson 4 - Multiply-by-10-100-and-1000.pdfDownload
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Literacy week 1

This week, you will be looking at our Ebook: A Place for Plastic. Spend time looking at the detailed illustrations, think about themes and messages in the story. Below, you will find the story PowerPoint and some activities that go with it, including writing a letter to our local MP - Annaliese Dodds - once again. 

 A Place for Plastic - Stroy PowerPoint.pptxDownload
 End plastic pollution-differentiated-reading-comprehension.pdfDownload
 Letter to a Local MP Template.pdfDownload
 Ocean Pollution Writing Activity.pdfDownload
 Reading Questions on story.pptxDownload
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RE week 1

For RE this week, please reflect on your goals from last term and prepare for the one ahead by writing you missions. Please use our virtues for this term - Generous and Grateful - to help you think about personal and academic goals for this term. To fit our topic, I would like you to do these missions on snowflakes (homemade or using the link below) and send them to me via PurpleMash or the office email, for our class mission wall. 

Virtues - Grateful and Generous pray it live it.pdf

snowflake mission template





What can you do at home?

Additional Literacy links:


Maths Revision: 

These sites can help children to consolidate their knowledge and get faster at using what they know.  Help your child to stay motivated by working with them to choose a level which is challenging AND achieveable!