Spring term 1 week 6   08.02.2021 Home learning

This week it is the feast day of St Josephine Bakhita Have a read of the powerpoint and activities below! Send us your pictures of how you have celebrated!

 St Jos Bakhita activities! week 6.docxDownload
 St Josephine Bakhita - Yr4 patron saint.pptxDownload
 St Josephine Bakhita-of-Sudan.pdfDownload
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Literacy week 6 Have a read of the instructions below and then look at the resources to help you.

There are examples of Ewelina and Naysa's completed reports for you to read to for some more ideas.

Make sure that you have uploaded all version of your reports BEFORE you attempt the poetry.

There are new poetry activities on purple mash this week too!

 Avalanche (1) Naysa.txtDownload
 Ewelina final piece week 5.docxDownload
 Literacy week 6.docxDownload
 week 6 literacy powerpoint Kennings poems.pptxDownload
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Reading workshop week 6..This week we be completing activities connecting to The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We hope that you have enjoyed reading it at home as much as we have at school! We could not believe how clever the iron man is at the end when he challenges the Space Bat Angel Dragon to lay on the sun!

 IRON MAN CHAPTER 5.pdfDownload
 Iron man week 6 reading workshop activities.docxDownload
 My Book Review Frame KS2.docxDownload
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Maths week 6 Spring 1

 We will continue to revise and explore fractions this week.

Week 6 video links for Maths st Josephine’s class

Focus: Fractions

lesson 1: Equivalent fractions 1


Lesson 2: Equivalent fractions 2


 Lesson 3: greater than 1


 Lesson 4: count in fractions


 Lesson 5:  recap add fractions


 More challenges can be found on :



Have a look at the worksheets below. If you don't understand, watch the teaching clip again.

 day 1 WS Y4-Spring-Block-3-WO2-Equivalent-fractions-1-2019.pdfDownload
 day 2 WS Y4-Spring-Block-3-WO3-Equivalent-fractions-2-2019.pdfDownload
 day 3 WS Y4-Spring-Block-3-WO4-Fractions-greater-than-1-2019.pdfDownload
 day 4 WS Y4-Spring-Block-3-WO5-Count-in-fractions-2019.pdfDownload
 day 5 WSY3-Summer-Block-1-WO6-Add-fractions-2020.pdfDownload
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Science week 6 Spring 1: Roman toilets! Put your scientific minds to the test, to see which material works the best as a alternative to toilet roll! Yuck!

Can you explain what caused the eruption last week in the volcano experiment? Send your answers to us!

 Science investigation toilets.docxDownload
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History week 6 Spring 1

 History week 6 instructions.docxDownload
 roman_design then and what is left now.pdfDownload
 what did the romans leave behind.pptDownload
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Next week on 08.02.2021 it is St Josephine Bakhita's feast day! Time to celebrate her life and her works of God.

Term Spring 1  week 5.                 01.02.2021 Home Learning


This week we have uploaded some of your learning at home on the class gallery page! Have a look at Naysa's writing and Filip's mosaic!

Remember to read out class blog on Purple Mash!

Maths Spring 1 week 5: we will be exploring fractions this week. Click on the link below to access the taught on line lesson slides:

lesson 1 Fraction revision: vimeo.com/502315136 

Lesson 2 What is a fraction: vimeo.com/502527306

Lesson 3 Recap tenths: vimeo.com/502315833

Lesson 4 counting in tenths: vimeo.com/502686139

Lesson 5: Recap on equivalent fractions vimeo.com/504289061

             5b                                                 vimeo.com/504316253

Complete these worksheets BEFORE looking at the new Nrich challenges.

 1 worksheet revision Y3-Spring-Block-5-D1-Unit-and-non-unit-fractions-2019.pdfDownload
 1. worksheet Y4-Spring-Block-3-D1-What-is-a-fraction_-2019.pdfDownload
 2. worksheet revision Y3-Spring-Block-5-D3-Tenths-2019.pdfDownload
 3. worksheet revisionY3-Spring-Block-5-D4-Count-in-tenths-2019.pdfDownload
 4 worksheet reviseY3-Summer-Block-1-D1-Equivalent-fractions-1-2020.pdfDownload
 5. worksheet reviseY3-Summer-Block-1-D2-Equivalent-fractions-2-2020.pdfDownload
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 Fractional triangles large grid.pdfDownload
 Instruction sheet fractions nrich.docxDownload
 tangram new.pdfDownload
 Tangrams 2.docxDownload
 Three Squares.docxDownload
 week 1 extension Year-4-Spring-Block-3-Step-1-HW-EXT-What-is-a-Fraction.pdfDownload
 WR cdiscussions Year-4-Spring-Block-3-Step-1-DP-What-is-a-Fraction.pdfDownload
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R.EThis week, we will be deepening our understanding of the Transfiguration of Jesus.

 transfiguration lesson 1.docxDownload
 transfiguration lesson 2.docxDownload
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Reading Activities Spring 1 week 5 based on the Iron Man by Ted Hughes. There is a copy of chapter 5 below!

Writing activities Spring 1 week 5

This week we will be planning, drafting,writing and editing our own newspaper report about a natural disaster.  Have a look at day by day learning and the reminder examples. 

Remember to send in your drafts using the stjosephine@stjohnfisher.co.uk email address so that we can plan a next step and give you some feed back!

 newspaper example week 5.docDownload
 planning a report 1.docxDownload
 recount week 2 plan draft.docDownload
 Spelling investigation St Josephine week 4.docxDownload
 Writing activities week 5.docxDownload
 _week 3 writing final.pdfDownload
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Spring 1 week 5 In R.E, this week, we will b exploring the Baptism of Jesus, See below for worksheets and instructions.

Spring 1 week 5 Our history focus this week will on the Celtic leader Boudicca

Have a look at the instructions and resources below!

Spring term 1 week 5 During our science learning this week, we will be testing more rocks! Have you seen the science activities on purple mash?..

Spring term 1  week 4 25.01.2021 Home learning

NEW This week we have uploaded some of the writing we have done in the lesson so that you can see how we are working at school.

Ask your Mum or Dad to check their EMAIL so that you can find your very own child email. You can then use this to send me your work! Mrs Penman

Literacy Writing  this week - look at the instructions and resources below:Enter text...

Reading workshop - we are continuing to read the Iron Man by Ted Hughes

Maths: The focus this week is area, we will also be revising 3 x 1 digit written methods in class.

Here are the teaching links for the worksheets below:

Lesson 1 What is area:  vimeo.com/499229510

Lesson 2 Counting squares:  vimeo.com/500381471

Lesson 3 Making shapes:  vimeo.com/500864228

Lesson 4 Comparing area: vimeo.com/501678823

Maths challenges can be found on the nrich.maths.org    website

nrich challenge - Oh dear, these rectangles have been torn! Can you work out the area of each one by counting the complete number of squares?Enter text...

Religious Education: This week we are moving onto a new unit:

Jesus, Light of the World and Beloved Son.

Science: watch the powerpoint and carry out the investigation!  There are activities on purple mash too! Take a look! 

Geography : Have a look at the graphs of Rome which show the climate..

History: This week we will focus on the Roman army and why the Romans invaded Britain! Check out the Roman resources on purple mash! Use the information to write a diary entry to your family, pretending that you are a Roman soldier.

Then watch the powerpoint about why the Romans invaded. Plan 3 paragraphs using the mind map and then explain why they invaded. 

Term 2 week 3 18.01.2021  Home learning

HELP! WE NEED YOU TO SEND IN PHOTOS OF YOUR WORK to the school office ( 2 x A WEEK) SO THAT WE CAN PROVIDE SOME FEED BACK about your learning. ALTERNATIVELY upload your work onto purple mash and we can give feed back that way.

In literacy writing this week, we will start to draft and re-write our chronological news paper reports about a volcano eruption. Each day we will be writing a little part of this and then re-writing like we have been practicing in class. Please use the successful writing list below to make sure that you included everything that we have been working on so far in class!

In Reading workshop we will continue to read our class book the Iron man by Ted Hughes. You will need to read chapter 3 to help you to answer some of the questions. Remember to read them in full sentences. You will need to scroll down to week 1 of home learning where there is a copy of the book as a word document. Enter text...

SPAG and spellings homework this week

Writing activities this week:.

Our journey so far.... we have been looking at the features of news paper reports and looking at some examples and comparing them. This is so that we know what we need to include when we rite our own. more information to follow shortly.

Maths:  This week we will focus on recalling division facts and we will be dividing a single digit into two and three digit numbers. There are some challenges to have a go at too!

In R.E. this week we will be continuing to talk about the importance of the messages that the angels had in the Christmas Story.

Write a news paper article about Mary. Include information about her surprise, fears, worries, pride about being the mother of the Son of God and being visited by an angel.  Include some quotes from Mary, using the Magnificat below and the bible verses from last weeks on line learning.

History - Gladiators - read the info and create a fact file or a poster! 

Coding! We have been exploring lightbot this week. Use the resources below to design your own instructions in coding language. We went out into the playground and drew with chalk and then asked each other to follow the code!Enter text...

Science. This week we will be exploring different kinds of rocks that have specific properties. Watch the powerpoint to help you understand where rock comes from and why it is chosen for particular reasons in every day life. Have a look on the ground around you, when you are exercising and find 6 rock samples, so that you can compare them. 

Term 2 week 2 

Week beginning 10.01.2021 Home learning   

NEW! You can now talk to us and your class on purple mash using the class blog! Lila and Olivia have already done this! Tell us what you have enjoyed learning about and what has been tricky so that we can help you!

Take photos of two pieces of work each week and email them to the school office so that we can help you to make progress!

ter text...


Maths: Our focus for this week is written methods of multiplication.

Please look at  teaching powerpoints and activities below and click on the view the  link for each session:

https://vimeo.com/492463370    lesson 1 2 digit x 1 digit

https://vimeo.com/492456871    lesson 2   3 digit x 1 digit

https://vimeo.com/492601303    lesson 3 divide 2 digit by 1 digit revision

https://vimeo.com/497573248     lesson 4 

https://vimeo.com/497936690  lesson 5 division with remainders

Complete these activities and have a go at the challenges! More challenges can be found on this website:


Week 2 : In Religious Education this week we are looking at the presence and importance of Angels.

week 2 History and Geography

Science: week 2 :Watch the powerpoint and then complete one of the three sheets below. Some are trickier than others! Challenge yourselves!Enter text...

Home Learning week 1 beginning 05.01.2021 St Josephine Bakhita Class 

Literacy /Spelling, grammar and punctuation/reading workshop

scroll down for maths and other subjects for learning this week!

This term we will be using  Escape from Pompeii as our class text. This story below as our inspiration to help us with our writing.   Please read and talk about it. There is a link below if you would like to listen to the story:


Lesson 1:  read through the story and draw a story map to go with the main parts. Write in some words to help you to remember the key sequence of the story. 

Lesson 2: Read through the story again. Be a book detective and make a table to show:

Adjectives                        Adverbs                             Verbs   

Use google or a dictionary to search any words that you don't know the meaning of and keep a list

Lesson 3:  Read through again and look at the sentence structure. Write down to sentences which have conjunctions, drop in clauses, the power of three and comparative language.

Lesson 4: Characters. Choose one of the characters to draw and write a list of words to describe the character around the edge. Think about how their actions tell us about what they are like.

Lesson 5: Write a book review about the story, using the format that we have been using at school during our independent reading.

Our whole class reading text this term is The Iron Man written by ted Hughes.  Here is a copy of the story below. In the first week we will be reading through the first chapter and talking about the language, plot and characters.Enter text...

Maths: week 1 our focus this week is multiplication and division. The key to success is knowing your times tables!

This week we will be looking at factors and multiples.

Use this website to help you to find clips of the skills taught this week:

https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/ Go to week 1 Spring term 1

Below are some learning opportunities and challenges!

A daily fluent in 5 - remember to use what you know!

One learning task each day! Help yourself to some challenges!

Enter text...

 Purple Mash - don't forget !

You can also access the 2do activities on Purple Mash. You just need to use your username and password - remember it is inside the cover of your homework book


Week 1 geography and history lessons this week.

There are also some other ideas on the sheet below which was sent home at the end of last term.

Have a look at the time line below. Decide on 4 important events and draw your own. Explain why you have chosen them.

Week 1:

During our religious education lessons this week we will be learning about Christmas. There are two lesson activities below.

Below is a powerpoint for you to share and talk about with your family. We have also attached the focus for our Virtues this term which are: Grateful and Generous. There are lots of activities that you will be able to do together. Please keep an eye on the school website where you will be able to find the Wednesday word each week.

What will you decide to write for your mission statement this term? Write your ideas on the flower petals. Cut out your mission and keep it somewhere to remind you about what you would like to achieve spiritually and as a learner.

Click on the image below to go to the BBC Super Movers website, where you can select and practise all your times tables.

Image result for times tables

Here are some further homework tasks for Maths, Reading and Spelling.

Remember you are expected to complete one from each list every week!