Term 1

Our big question is “Can I be hero?


The story of Supertato, by Sue Hendra and Paul Linet will help you see a trip to the supermarket or a food shopping differently!  Talk about the different packaging shapes, read the labels with your child to look for numbers measuring the contents and where the food was produced.

Listen to the story.  Here are some questions to answer:

1) Who escaped from the freezer?

2) Where did Supertato find the naughty Pea?

3) How did Supertato catch the naughty Pea?

4) How did everyone feel when Supertato saved the day?




The story of Amazing Grace will encourage us to share our favourite stories. We can learn from Grace how to overcome challenges and how we can all be anything we want if we set our mind to it!


Phonics at home Click on the links below
Phonics at home Click on the links below

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