Welcome to St Brigid - Year 3

Class Teacher

Mrs Greer (Monday- Wednesday)

Mrs Tupper (Wednesday- Friday)

 Our Teaching Assistants:

Mrs McCarthy will be in class supporting our learning every day


Home learning Maths Video link for Week 2 Term 6


 Home Learning for Week 1 Term 6


I hope you are all doing well and I am sorry we cannot see you now for 10 days. I have added lots of activities on Purple Mash today. I will keep updating the website and if you need a pack for next week please email the office or us.


In Maths we were going to revise addition and subtraction. If you have a dice, they can make up their own 2 digit number and then add and subtract another two digit number. If they want to go up to silver and gold level they can create their own 3 digit numbers. If you don't have a dice, then you could write 1 - 6 on pieces of paper for them to pick out of a bowl. 


In Literacy and RE we are researching Hinduism. Click here for the powerpoint. If they can use a computer or tablet, could you research and design an information sheet with some facts and drawings about this religion. 


Click here for today's reading comprehension.


Here is the homework for today:

Spellings activity

Maths activity- choose what level you would do normally.


Click here for today's reading comprehension.

In Maths we are carrying on with a similar activity to yesterday. This time though, we are doing multiplication. For example,

53 x 4 = 

They roll the dice twice to make a 2 digit number and then once for the 1 digit number. For the calculation above, you need to do 50 x 4 first. If they know 5 x 4 = 20, 50 x 4 = 200. Then 3x 4 = 12 and then you add them together to get the total. Please could they do 10 of these. For a challenge they could even do a 3 digit number first!!!!!

For Literacy we are carrying on our research on Hinduism focusing more on Hindu Gods and Goddess. Can you find out about 2 different Gods or Goddesses, draw a picture of them and tell me 3 facts about them?

We will also being taking part in Mass at 9.30, the link is on the home page of the St Chad website -  www.stchadscathedral.org.uk. In the afternoon we will be doing computing. Could they do any coding games on Purple Mash please and hand them in for me to look at?

There are many other Purple Mash games to practice different things we are learning about this week. We are also going to try Poppadums in the afternoon if you have any they could try!!

There are some also great Bollywood 'youtube' tutorials if they want to try Indian dancing!! Like this one:



Important Reminders

Children will be let out at the end of the day at 3:00/3.15.

Children can have a healthy snack at play time, please can they leave it in their book bag or packed lunch box.

Our PE day has changed to TUESDAY. Please remember to wear PE kit to school on that day.  

You will need a red top, black shorts or jogging bottoms and plimsolls.  School jumpers can be worn too.

 Spellings are given each week on a Thursday to be practiced at home.  

Please look for your spellings in your reading and in games.  Tests will be every Thursday

 Number bonds and times tables are tested every Wednesday.  

There are many online and interactive games which can help you practice these.

Please read at home regularly and record what you have read and comment.  Reading makes a huge difference to our writing as we learn new and exciting words.  Can you spot any onomatopoeia?  What new vocabulary can you find? 

Times Tables Practice

As part of your weekly homework, you should be practicing your times tables. In order to help you build up your speed of recall, you should try completing some of the times tables activities on the Purple Mash site.

Please login using the Purple Mash login at the front of your homework book. Make sure you are logging into our school on Purple Mash – the website is:


The more you practice the quicker your recall of facts will be.


 It is fantastic to be able to see children make independent choices in their learning at home and share e-learning with their families.