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Parent Guide- 2Dos on Purple Mash

Parent Guide- Sharing Work on Purple Mash

Week 3 Term 2

Literacy – 

Lesson 1- With all the adjectives and verbs you have written from the previous lessons, please write a really detailed description of the volcanic eruption. Use all five senses to describe it, noun phrases, powerful verbs and even similes. Look at the picture of the volcanic eruption in the book for ideas.

This is my example:

In one endless moment, Vesuvius exploded powerfully into the sky. Clouds of dense ash billowed upwards. At once, it felt like night. Streams of molten lava roared in unstoppable waves down the mountain slopes.

Please do not copy mine and now do your own, write at least ten sentences. You can use this opener:

In one terrible endless moment……

Read each sentence as you go. Once you have finished, check for understanding and can you highlight all the verbs you used and in another colour, all the noun phrases.


Lesson 2- We are going to be writing a newspaper article of the eruption but today I want you to look at all the features of a newspaper article. Have a look at the example I have given you and at any newspaper you have at home. What are the features of a newspaper article ( e.g, headline)? Have a think of all the features you can see and now look at the list of features. Did you get them right? Now label the features on the example I have given you.

Lesson 3- How reporters get their information is by interviewing the survivors or witnesses.  If you imagine the reporter knew nothing about what had happened in Pompeii, what questions would you ask Livia or Tranio? Can you think of 5/6 questions? The questions need to be open questions so they don’t just reply with yes or no. For example, are you ok? No. This is a closed question as they can just reply with no.

Now once they have written the questions, think about how Tranio or Livia would answer and write them down in the speech bubbles, giving as much detail as possible.

Lesson 4- Turn your speech bubbles into direct quotes using all the rules of how to write direct speech.

Make sure you have:

  • Inverted commas around what the character is saying.
  • Capitals at the beginning of speech
  • Comma, ?, ! at the end of speech.
  • No capitals for 'said' or any other speech verbs.
  • Challenge -  can you use adverbs (e.g, said quietly)

For example,

“ I am feeling really anxious,” said Livia.

 Spelling - Please click for the sheets you would like to practice. (We do these Monday - Wednesday )



Spelling Activity

Mrs McCarthy Spellings Group. Please do the two of these sheets a day.

Mrs Tupper Wednesday Group are still working on the booklet from Week 2.

Reading Comprehension (Thursday and Friday)

 Comp 1

Comp 2


This Week Please follow the videos on these links. 

Monday and Tuesday

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Here are the worksheet

Monday- Divide by 5

Tuesday- Divide by 10

Wednesday- Multiply by 3

Thursday- Divide by 3

Friday - 3 times table

History – We are finding out about the dangerous, exciting lives of Roman gladiators.

  1. Use the ‘Gladiator life’ sheet to research what they ate, how they trained, what weapons they used and, ultimately, their fates. You can find more information here:


  1. Read the ‘Roman Gladiators’ sheet to learn about the different types of gladiators. Choose at least two and draw a labelled diagram to show their weapons and armour. Write three or more facts about their particular skills, what makes them different to other gladiators? If you have access to the internet you could find out about famous gladiators such as Spartacus, Commodus, Carpophorus, Marcus Attilius, Spiculus and Tetraites. Many Romans considered them to be heroes.


Art – Read the ‘Roman Mosaics’ sheet then draw your own design on the colouring sheet.



  1. Use the street map of Rome to locate its famous landmarks. Look for the Colosseum, the Vatican City, the Pantheon, the Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Square, Trevi Fountain and the Roman Forum. You can see photos of these on the ‘Rome photos’ sheets. If you were visiting Rome and started at the Cipro metro station, where would you like to go? Plan a route around the city by drawing a line on the streets that you would like to explore. Would you take the metro (underground train), train, bus or would you walk?
  2. Make a poster to advertise beautiful Rome! You could make a Word/Powerpoint document or cut some of the photos and stick them on a sheet of paper. Include a title and some persuasive writing e.g. ‘Be amazed by the magnificent, spectacular Colosseum’.


Science Investigation time

Well done for getting this far, I know it is hard at home to do everything but do as much as you can and let us know how you get on. Remember there is a reward waiting for you at school if you put the effort it .......

Week 2 Term 2

PLEASE could Mrs McCarthy's spelling group go through this powerpoint and do this activity. Also, can you work through these spellings.

If you are in Mrs Tupper's spelling group can you work through these two workbooks in the next few weeks. Also can you make sure you know these extra spellings

Workbook 1

Workbook 2

Reading Comprehension- Please down load the reading comprehension that we are doing this Thursday and Friday in school (Again please be careful to print only the pages that you require, 1 star being the bronze level, 2 star silver and 3 star gold level). The answers are also provided.

Comprehension 1 

Comprehension 2


Literacy- Please could you do a literacy activity a day from Monday to Thursday and then  on Friday we do RE instead of Literacy.

Lesson 1- Please click here to get the lesson.

Lesson 2

Re read the pages starting with ‘Then something happened…’ and then end with ‘ ….into the dusty streets.’

Write a letter to Livia and Tranio to outline the options of what they could do and to make the danger really clear to them. When the children are writing they need to remember their full stops and capital letters. The children should do writing ½- 1 page at least and checking their work at the end.

Here is an opening they could use.

Dear Tranio and Livia,

You do not seem to be taking the situation seriously so I felt I should write to you to give you some advice.

Lesson 3

Look at the image of Tranio and Livia on the boat near the end of the book. What adjectives best describe their feelings at this point? Try to make a list of 5.

Now look at the picture of Livia and Tranio playing jacks towards the beginning of the book. What adjectives would describe them? Click here if you want an adjective word bank to help. Make a list of 5 and compare with the ones you have already written.  Write a thought bubble of what Tranio and Livia would be thinking in each picture. 

Lesson 4

Look at the page in one endless moment…’ Write down the verbs that you can see.  Look at the picture of the volcano eruption. Write down the nouns (person, place or thing). Now you should have a list of verbs and nouns (find a least 6 of each).

Now for each noun, write a noun phrase for it. A noun phrase is Adjective + Adjective + noun, e.g, the dark grey clouds.

So now you should have 6 noun phrases.

Now write 6 sentences choosing powerful verbs and underline the noun phrase. E.g, The dark grey cloud loomed over Pompeii.


Please click here for the:

Handwriting Sheet

Word search

Spelling Activity



We still have to do Day 4 and 5 of last week at school. Below are the 3 other lessons of Maths (Week 10 videos) with the worksheets. There is also an extra challenge for those that need it.

Click here for the videos:


Click here for the resources

Making equal groups- sharing

Making equal groups- grouping

Divide by 2

Challenge questions Challenge image to answer questions


1.Look click here to go through the Epiphany powerpoint. On Purple Mash, on the 2paint program draw a picture of the three kings following the stars. Draw in speech bubbles with what they might be saying.

2.We are thinking of the virtues of being Generous and Grateful. Please write one prayer of thanks for something we have received (being grateful) and one prayer for someone who is generous with us (e.g. thank you to your parents who are generous with the time they are giving you for home schooling).

History - Read the Boudicca Powerpoint to find out about the Celtic leader. The powerpoint describes her as a heroine. Do you think she's a heroine or a villain? Use facts about Boudicca to complete the wanted poster

Art – Look at the images of Boudicca. Think about how the paintings and statue show her character and strength. What do most of the paintings have in common e.g she is usually holding a spear. Draw, paint or make a model of Boudicca to demonstrate her warrior characteristics. 


Geography – 1.Look at the map of Europe. Find England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Where is London and Oxford? Find where the Romans travelled from - Rome in Italy. Use the blank Europe map to label the different countries. Highlight Oxford, London and Rome. Draw a line to show the journey from Rome to London. Shade each country lightly in different colours.

2.Research modern Rome. Find out about similarities and differences between the UK and Rome such as the climate, size, landscape and weather. Make a table to compare with Britain. How do you think Romans would have felt leaving Rome and arriving here. Would they like it? 


Science - Use the instructions on the sheet to make your own volcano.

If you need any help please contact the school via email or phone. We understand this is a difficult time but the children have made amazing progress last term, we want them to continue this this term.





Please follow the link below to access videos and activities linked to our current learning.:



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You can also click on the links below and download Maths and English activities. 

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