Term One


What makes a hero, a hero? 



This term our focus is Light and Shadows.

We will be learning 'What is Light?'.  We will be investigating white light and finding out about the spectrum of colours that makes white light. We will also be exploring which colours and materials reflect light the best. Finally, we will be looking at how shadows are created.

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Pop Art is our focus this term. We will find out facts about some of the most famous artists known for this style of art. We will be replicating some of their work before we create our own unique pieces of Pop Art.

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To start the term we will be looking at different superheroes. We will learn how they became a superhero and what their super powers are. We will be thinking about which super power we would like to have.

We will also be finding out about where these superheroes live and what they do when they are not saving the world.

We will then move onto to explore real life super heroes and why we think of them in this way.

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