Term Four- Urban Pioneers

 Look at our Knowledge Organiser to help you discover this term's learning.

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 We will be revising our times tables!  Make sure you are confident in your 3, 4, 6, 8 and 9 times   

 tables!  Remember double your 4 to find the 8, double the 3 to find the 6... and triple the 3 to find

 the 9- or use your fingers! 

                    Remember to use Purple Mash to help you practise your number facts.

              Log in to Maths Games - 2Race and then select a game to practise your facts. 



  In Literacy, we will be looking at writing our own autobiographies. In order to help prepare ourselves, please talk with your family and find out about events in your early life, what you were like, where you lived or visited.