Term 5


Hi Emeralds, 

I hope you and your families are all keeping safe at home and enjoying this time together. It will be so great to see you all again soon and hear about what you have been up to during your time at home. 
It has been great to see so many of you using purple mash at home, please remember to also keep reading! If you have run out of books, don't forget there are online resources of books available! 
Oxford Owl:
Storyline Online:
https://www.storylineonline.net/ (this website shows videos of the stories and somebody reading the books to you - you might spot someone famous reading!)
Don't forget to have a look at the Summer Term 5 topic activities: Road Trip USA! I think out of the 50 states I know the abbreviations of about 40 states, see if you can get even more than me! E.g. NY is New York and CA is California!
I know how much you enjoyed doing the little quizzes in class, see if you can make up your own quizzes to test your families! 
Hopefully we will all see you back at school soon!!
Miss Gibbons


This term we will be travelling across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States of America.

It would be great if you could begin to research some facts about America and Native Americans


Click on the image below to download this term's Knowledge Organiser.

USA Road Trip I Journey America I Honda Element I MHD59 I

 A good start in your learning about America would be to identify the 50 states. 

Download the map - some states have already been labelled for you - then use online maps to help you.

File:Map of USA showing state names.png - Wikimedia Commons

Once you have done that, then download the cards with the state abbreviations - Can you match the abbreviation to the correct state?

 Fifty States Song Alphabetical Order | Fifty States of America Map ...


You could create a leaflet/ poster or booklet based on the Native American tribes. Click on the image below to download cards providing you with the names of lots of different Native American tribes and telling you which state they originated from.

Native American Tribes List – Legends of America



Below are some more resources to help you - click on each title to download the resource

Book List

Home Learning Ideas

Word Mat


I hope you're buzzing to find out more about electricity!

Activity One

You could start by looking around your home and making a list of the items that are powered by electricity. Next, think about which of these items have been adapted so that they do not need electricity and can be used for a road trip or for a camping trip. For example, we might have lamps in our home to provide light, for a road trip we might use a wind up torch to provide light.


Activity Two

What makes a circuit?

Can you decide which circuits will work and which ones won't?

Click on the BBC Bitesize link for two class clips that will help you. Then click on the image of a circuit for a variety of circuit drawings - which ones will work, which ones won't?

BBC Bitesize Science Clips

Electricity Word Mats | Teaching Resources