September 2015

Welcome to the year 3 blog!  Here we will tell you all about our learning in school.

Week One:

 So far in year three we have made labels for our trays, made bookmarks and made covers for our BIG WRITE folders.

We had a snowball fight to share our ideas- we thought about how we feel.

We've been doing lots of fantastic work!

We haven't learnt about mountains and volcanoes yet, but we are excited about them :)

We played a word hunt in our classroom to learn where things are- the word spelt EMERALDS!

We decided that our student council members for this year are Sidney and Ella.

We have been using our new handwriting books and doing lots of handwriting to practice making our writing brilliant!

We played football really nicely in the cage with year 4- Miss Gamblin was really pleased :)

Today we read a book about spots


 it was about a girl that thought she couldn't draw but she could.  

Then we created our own dots!

Week Two:

This week Emeralds started swimming!  Today's blog comes from Noel and Teniola:

This week we have acted our story map of the earthquake in Nepal.  Here is a link to the news at the time:

In reading workshop our groups did different activities on earthquakes, volcanoes and mountains.  We also had play time with year 4 and played football in the cage!



Week Three:

Year 3 have been getting into new routines in KS2 and trying some new experiences.  This week year 3 began learning violins with Mr Smith!  

Week Four- Eight:

We've been swimming each Friday afternoon this term and worked hard towards improving our aquatic skills!  We are looking forward to returning to our Blog each Friday afternoon to consolidate and share with you all we have learnt.

Here are some of the things we've been up to:

Recognizing amounts of money, using numicon to count in 3's and 5's, understanding the properties of 3d shapes.