Woodlands 2019

Tuesday 7th May

Hello, we arrived at 1pm and were very excited to see where we would be staying. The house is very Large with a grand staircase.

We have made our beds and have unpacked. (Our rooms need to be tidy for the bedroom competition!). We will try our best.

Lunch was pizza and for dinner we had fish (some of us had a vegetable burger) alongside chips and peas which was followed by jelly and fruit for our pudding. it was yummy.

In the afternoon we did some fun team building games and problem solving. We were great. This evening we are going to explore the grounds and play hide and seek. 1 2 3 where are you.

Goodnight and God bless love Sapphires.

Wednesday 8th May

Good morning, we were all very relaxed and had a fabulous sleep last night!.

This morning we woke up at 07:00 am, we have been super at getting ready for our fun filled day ahead (some of us even hoovered our rooms).

For breakfast we have a variety of choices of cereal and a bacon roll (some of us had quorn sausages) which was great!.

Today we are heading out to the caves, we are very excited to explore. 

Have a fabulous day love Sapphires.

Update- 5:00 pm

We have just arrived back after the most fabulous caving experience! we all did so well and conquered all fears. Team work was carried out throughout our time which also allowed us to encourage one another.

For lunch we had 3 choices of pitta fillings (cheese and salad, chicken tikka, tuna mayonnaise) along with crisps, flapjack and cake.

We are now currently having our showers to get ready for dinner. Yum yum.

Thursday 9th May 

Good morning, last night for dinner we had a lovely roast, followed by ice cream. We then played a team activity which was called picture orienteering. After we had successfully finished it was then time to get into bed.

This morning we woke up just after 7:00 am after another fabulous night sleep (some of us had to be woken up!). We then began to get ready for breakfast, which was a variety of cereal choices served alongside toast, hash browns and spaghetti hoops.

Today we are off canoeing and are extremely excited.

Will catch up when home. Have a fabulous day love sapphires. 

Update- 6:45 pm

Hello, we have just finished our lovely dinner which was chilli con carne or spaghetti and for our pudding was fresh baked brownies and cream (the brownies was our most favorite!).

Today has been a fun day canoeing on the canal. We were in two groups and each group started at a different place and then paddled along the canal. We had lots of laughter during this fun activity. Although canoeing was challenging it has allowed us to learn new skills and to develop in many ways.

We are now going to attend our final evening activity which is looking very exciting. We will catch up in the morning as we are all very sleepy and very exciting for the climbing wall tomorrow.

Goodnight and God bless love sapphires.