Monday 28th January 2019

We arrived safely at Yenworthy Lodge at 12:15pm in beautiful sunshine. We were welcomed by the staff and quickly settled into our rooms. Our first task was to make our beds, some great teamwork helped us to get ourselves organised quickly in time for a lunch of soup and bread.

After lunch, we collected our waterproof kits and went outside for our first activity which was the ropes course. There were quite a few 'I can't do it' comments to begin,  but very quickly with lots of encouragement we managed to complete lots of different parts of the course. 

Soon it was dinner time, which was the most amazingly delicious curry, followed by a chocolatey mousse. Everyone ate really well. Once the servers (Zara, Bobbi, Ayo and Rockelle) had completed their first duty, clearing the tables and setting up for breakfast, we again got kitted out. This time with extra layers and a torch, we headed out across the moors to see the most amazing sky full of stars.

Back at the Lodge, we got ready for bed, had hot chocolate and biscuits, before settling down to sleep.

We are waiting to see if the forecast of snow happens overnight!

All this and it's only been half a day here!

Can't wait to tell you all about our adventures tomorrow. 


Tuesday  29th January 2019

Today we stayed on Yenworthy grounds. For the morning we took par in Outdoor Business. Within our groups we had to pay to take part in an activity, if we completed the task we were paid a larger amount. We were placed in three groups, so we were competing against each other. As the morning progressed, the snow started falling, eventually turning to sleety rain. 

After lunch, we completed one more task before heading off on a walk across fields to the waterfalls. We all completed the climb, even though we were very wet and cold.

In the evening, after a dinner of beef stew and dumplings, followed by trifle, we went shopping in the Yenworthy shop and also worked in groups of three to find answers to the Yenworthy quiz.

We had our usual hot chocolate and biscuits before heading off to a well deserved sleep.

Thursday 31st January 2019

Today we went exploring on Lynmouth beach. First, we did some rockpooling. We found Blennies, eels and crabs. Sean, our instructor provided us with a wealth of knowledge about each of our findings.

After a lunch on the beach, we split into two groups. One group stayed at the beach to do some rock climbing, whilst the other group set off to the Valley of the Rocks to climb to the highest point. Once you see the photos, you will realise how brave we all were!

Just as we were leaving the snow began to fall and so once we arrived back at the Lodge we decided to have some fun in the snow! Then after another delicious dinner of fish and chips, followed by Ice Cream we played some games indoors. 

Then, as we have become accustomed, we had our hot chocolate while watching the final part of Narnia, before heading off to bed.

Hopefully tomorrow before we leave, we should be able to get the sledges out for some more fun in the snow!








Yenworthy January 2017

Friday 27th January

Today we should be leaving Yenworthy at 3pm, hoping for an arrival back at school around 7pm. We will let school know if we are going to be delayed, so please check with the school answer phone for any changes to the time we will get back. 

Thursday 26th January

Off to the beach today for rock pooling, rock climbing and coasteering. We found some very unusual creatures and challenged ourselves with both the coasteering and climbing. It was a very different environment today, with a very rocky beach and tall cliffs. 

Back at the Lodge, we started to pack ready for our journey home tomorrow. We settled down for the evening with a slide show of our day's photos and then a film before bed.

We are ready for another full day of activities tomorrow, walking along the river Lynn into Lynmouth.

Wednesday 25th January

Today we spent the day off site at Braunton Burrows, where you will find the largest dune system in Europe. We had the most beautiful sunshine throughout the day. We walked up very steep and high dunes before jumping off of them! Then we carried onto the beach for our picnic lunch. Once lunch was over we all went off to do whatever activity we wanted, such as, fire making (for our marshmallows), sand art, kite flying and playing with Dizzie and Olive (Nic the instructor's two dogs). When we finally headed back to the coach, we again stopped and had the most amazing time sledging down a sand dune on a body board!

Back at the lodge, after a shower and dinner (for some of us - 5 portions later!), we again went outside to complete a quiz about Yenworthy, while we also took turns to go to the Lodge shop.

There are some amazing photos of our day for you all to see when we get back.

Tuesday 24th January

Today we stayed on site at Yenworthy to take part in lots of different 'Outdoor Business' activities. We can't wait to tell you all about them and show you our photos, but for now we are going to share some of our personal thoughts for the day.

 Today I am proud because:

   I got rid of my butterflies and did the big zip wire - Kevron

   I was brave for going into the dark and finding markers during orienteering - Dannon

   My group worked together and never gave up - Helsink   

   I completed the very tricky Spaghetti Tangle - Jadon

   I went up on the high Zip wire and conquered my fear of heights - Libbie

   I overcame my fear of heights by climbing high - Michael

   I worked with other people and comforted them when nervous - Byron

   I realised that I thought I couldn't do hard things, but I managed to do all the activities - Ebony

    I was a good teammate and thought of a plan that saved us at the last moment - Elliot

    I overcame my fear of heights - Freya

   I conquered my fear of heights, & worked with people I never thought I would work with - Chelsea

   I conquered my fear of a rope swing height - I can't is now I can - Zahrah

   I worked on my co-ordination, timing and speed on activities - Daanyaal

   I was a helpful and supportive person - Tobi

   I completed the Island Swap which was challenging at times - Finley

   We completed challenges when we thought we couldn't - Matthew

 Today I leaned that:

 Not everything that you see is as easy as you think - Kelechi

 It is important to work as a team - Kier

 The slower you do something, the less time it takes - Callum

 You can achieve more as a team and you should never give up - Jamie

 I can accomplish difficult challenges - Jenny

 I can work with people I wouldn't usually work with - Melissa

 I don't always have to be in a group with my friends - Louis

  I can be more of a team member then an individual - Benny

As you can tell, today was a challenging day but we all achieved something personal




Monday 23rd January

We arrived safely after a long journey, to be greeted by beautiful sunshine at the Lodge.

The staff welcomed us, we met Nicola, Skedge, Pete and Sean (the instructors), Sally and Paul who will be cooking our meals. and Lorraine from the office.

We started off by finding out where our dormitories were and who we were sharing with. We all managed to make our beds, especially quickly as Ebony told us all a quick trick for putting our duvet covers on. One of the girls' rooms are already working hard to get points for the best presented bedroom! Then we all had to go to the boot room to get kitted out with waterproof jackets and trousers, as well as wellies. After eating our packed lunch we went outside for our first activity.

We all had to work together in teams of 4 or 5 to accomplish the ropes course. They were all challenging and we really had to work together to get through it. Some of us have already overcome some of our fears of heights.

Dinner tonight was served by Chelsea, Zahrah, Kevron, Freya and Tobi (star waiter). We had chicken curry and rice, which was delicious or lush as Daanyaal said! Some children had 5 portions - filling their boots as Jenny reminded us!

Even though we had just had dinner, we went outside again and ate some very unusual plants! We are Bear Gryll juniors in training. 

Our last activity tonight was to walk across Exmoor in the dark. Halfway on our walk we stopped and laid down in the long grasses, turning our torches off and in silence,  to gaze at the amazing night sky. We saw Orion's Belt, The plough and the planet Venus. 

Back at the Lodge, we got ready for bed, had some hot chocolate and watched a slideshow of pictures from today. 

All that for just one afternoon!





October 2015

Weds 30th September we went to the Oxford Academy to do PE. We played Tube ball. It was really fun, it is a game where you have to throw a ball at a small net and it bounces right back. You have to catch it to score a goal, if your opponent catches it they score the point.

Friday 2nd October, we learnt how to do Excel spreadsheets. It was tricky but fun. We made the spreadsheets make the 7 and 9 times tables.

Friday 2nd most of KS2 children came back to school for a brilliant sleepover. We watched two movies at night and another one in the morning. We had hotdogs and popcorn and ribena to drink. In the morning we had hot chocolate and toast. We didn't get very much sleep because it was too much funnnnnnnnnn!!!

Mon 5th In the morning we did our normal lessons but in the afternoon some of the boys form Topaz and Amethyst went to Oxford Academy for a football tournament. We only lost one match but we came third. We missed out on a final place by one point!! Next time hopefully we will win.

Today we have been practicing some more French. We have learnt how to say some more phrases, such as How old are you? and Where do you live?

In maths we have been practicing how to use a protractor which can be a bit tricky but we have got so much better at using them.

Got to go now -it's home time!!!


Speak to you again next week.

Ronni and Ethan



September 2015

We would like to introduce ourselves to you. We are Ronni and Ethan, Year 6's new bloggers.

We have already been working so hard this term. Here is a bit of information about our learning so far.

In Maths, we have been learning how to do subtraction using the column method and frog. Now we are really confident at using both methods.

In Literacy, we have learnt about the story of Beowulf, which is an Anglo Saxon story and is quite confusing because it is written in Old English. It is a bit blood-thirsty and scary.

We have also been learning the story of Skellig in Big Read. This week we wrote a letter from Michael to Mina, a new character in the story.

In Science we have been learning about classification of living things. It is interesting, especially finding out about how animals got their names. We showed everyone in assembly how Lions are classified.

In Topic, we have started to learn about Anglo Saxons and we looked at their villages. We learnt that they used to live near a river because they needed water for washing, drinking and for fishing in.

We have been really lucky in PE, we have been learning the moves for Karate. The moves were one to six stances.

We have also been going to the Oxford Academy to use their equipment, dome and astro turf. We have been trying out lots of different sports. We enjoyed Dutch Longball and rugby the best so far. We got really hot and sweaty because we were running about so much.

Next week we will update you about more things happeneing in Topaz.

Bye for now

Ethan and Ronni




Yenworthy March 2015

Thursday 12th March

Today nearly all of us had to be woken up, the fresh air yesterday really tired us out!!

This morning was quite grey and wet here at Yenworthy but it didn't stop us having fun. We took part in 'Outdoor Business' where we worked as two teams to try and earn as much money as we could by completing different challenges. We really had to work as a team to help and encourage each other. We also had a go on the 80ft zip wire, luckily none of us ended up in the pond!

After our lunch we headed off to Glenthorn to do some waterfall climbing, so the fact that it was raining didn't really matter because we all got very wet. It was such good fun being able to clamber up waterfalls through the quite cold water. Thankfully, Yenworthy supplied us with waterproof clothing. 

When we got back to the Lodge we had our dinner before starting to pack our things for tomorrow's journey home.

For our evening entertainment we played bingo. Serena, Mikolaj and Ella are definitely very lucky as they won several games each! So after our hot chocolate we all settled down for our last night at Yenworthy. 

We probably won't be able to blog again tomorrow as we will be heading back to Oxford as soon as we get back from completing the Lyn Valley Trail. We are all going to miss Yenworthy but we will be looking forward to seeing our families again. 



Wednesday 11th March

Another really good night's sleep, some of the boys had to be woken from their beauty sleep!!

Breakfast today was a choice of cereals and then sausages in a roll. After this we had a meeting to discuss today's activities. We then got kitted out in our outdoor clothes and collected a helmet and harness for our rock climbing. The minibus drive down to Lynmouth Beach was a quick 10 mins along a beautiful coastline. Once at the beach we started off by skimming stones and then did a scavenger hunt for precious stones which we used to make our own beach museum. After that we worked in small groups to create some amazing beach art, mermaids and whales seem to be very popular. 

After a quick lunch, prepared by Serena, Arber and Connor, we split into two groups to do the main activities. One group started with Rock climbing while the others went off coasteering.  We really worked hard to help and encourage each other, and were very proud to have overcome some of our fears of heights and confined spaces. We stopped for a tasty treat of Sally's flapjacks before swapping over activities. 

Later in the afternoon we all had fun rock pooling. We managed to catch lots of shore crabs and blennies and even the sun came out to play!

Back at the Lodge we had the most delicious chicken curry for dinner finished off with a yummy trifle. Everyone had seconds! Then we got ready for our evening activity. We joined up with Springfield school to do the Yenworthy quiz. We had to find lots of objects around the Yenworthy site. We also got to go shopping. Our box of purchases is overflowing!

Finally it was time to get ready for bed, look at our photos for the day, have our hot chocolate and head off to bed. 

Hopefully we will all have another good night's sleep.

Wednesday  11th March

Hello everyone. Thank you so much for keeping us updated - your blogs are great! Thank you for taking time out of your busy and exciting days to let us know what you have been up to. Enjoy the rest of your time, make the most of all opportunities on offer and make fantastic memories.

See you on Friday. 

Ms Carbon


Tuesday 10th March

This morning we woke at about 7am after a good night's sleep. We got ourselves dressed and then tidied our rooms in case of an inspection! Our breakfast was a choice of cereals and then some delicious bacon baps. After breakfast we all went off to do our daily duty. Kian and Cody were part of the eco-team and were amazed to have pheasants eating our leftover crusts from their hands. The rest of us did cleaning, table setting and sandwich making. 

Our activity today was at Braunton Burrows, which took us about an hour to drive to. Once there we had a strenuous walk of 1 1/2 miles across the incredible sand dunes which led us to the Atlantic Ocean. Pete and Nicola were our instructors today and Olive and Katie (the dogs) came with us too. We took turns to hold Olive's lead which was quite a difficult job, as even though she is a small dog she is very strong and managed to pull Tegan down a hill!! Half way across the dunes we stopped to do some sand jumping, Mikolaj's was a very dramatic leap. Wait until you see the pictures! 

Once we arrived on the beach we had our lunch which had been prepared for us by Tom, Marieanna and Tegan. Then we collected wood to make a fire. We all tried using flint to start the fire. While we waited for the fire to get hold, some of us went off to help Pete get the kites flying. Marieanna and Malachi were absolute experts. By this time the fire was blazing enough for us to toast our marshmallows. We were so lucky to have such an amazing beach almost to ourselves. Right out by the tide were some soldiers practicing manoeuvers. 

On our way back to the minibus we stopped at a point called 'flag pole dune' where we had the best fun ever doing sand sledging. Dequan and Kian managed to travel the furthest distance without falling off.  But even falling off was fun. 

When we were walking back to the minibus, Cody and Tom found what they think is a WW11 bullet. Finally when we got back to the minibus we had some of Sally's delicious cookies. Just what we needed. 

Back at the Lodge we had a very quick shower in time for dinner, which was stew and dumplings and then rice pudding and jam, which everyone loved. We also had our room inspections. We will find out on Friday which room was the best!!

No that still isn't the end of the day!! Then we all went out to do orienteering in the dark around Yenworthy Lodge. Springfield school joined us for this activity, so it made it special to be able to help them as well. It was a little scary as we only had our torches to help guide us around in the dark. 

At last it was time to come in, get ready for bed, look at our photos for the day and have our hot chocolate before heading off to a well deserved sleep. Hopefully we will all sleep well again tonight!!



Hi Everyone at Yenworthy,

Hope you are all having a great time, the sun is shining for you!!! Just a quick note to say that we are missing you at school and that we hope you are have a great week.

Take care and look after each other,


Mrs Tupper


Monday 9th March

Hi It's our first day at Yenworthy and already we have been so busy. Our journey started off ok. Mikolaj was asleep really quickly - we were very tempted to take a photo of him!! The last part of the journey was a bit scary - the views were very cool. We had to go up a really steep hill which we were worried we might fall off the edge. The other school - Springfield school from Witney - unfortunately broke down there. When we arrived at Yenworthy the driver had to do a tricky reverse down the drive.

On arrival, Pete our instructor, introduced us to all the Yenworthy staff and then we went off to our rooms to make our beds and get unpacked. Amazingly we did all of this without any help!! Then we got our outdoor kits and went off to our first activity of the week which was the ropes course. This was great fun. We completed some very hard obstacles by working together to encourage and help each other. Even though it was quite windy and raining, not one person complained as we were having so much fun.

After a quick wash, we had our dinner which was Pasta Bolognaise. Tom, Tegan and Marieanna were our servers and did an amazing job. Not long after dinner we had to get our outdoor kit on again and then we had a fire drill.

Our busy day still wasn't finished! We then went out across the moors for a night walk. Luckily we had remembered our torches as it really was dark outside. We walked until we were 1300metres above sea level where we found some miniliths that date back to the Bronze age. This was where we sacrificed Arber! Before laying down to look at the amazingly dark and clear night sky. We could see Jupiter and Venus, as well as Orion's belt and the 7 sisters. We could even see across the Bristol Channel to Cardiff.  We managed to lay still and silent for 9 minutes!!

Once back at the lodge, we got into our night clothes, wrote our letters to home and had some delicious hot chocolate.

Finally it was time for bed. Phew!! and that is only day one!!

See you back here tomorrow for the next instalment.


January 2015

Hello we hope you all had a lovely Christmas holiday from your new bloggers Caitlin and Eve F.

On Tuesday we found out our new topic which is 'How can we save our planet?'

We also went over our class rules.We also made our new mission statements. 

On Wednesday we learnt about recycling. We looked at images of clothes that had been made form recycled items. Then we used the Ipads to find out facts.

On Thursday  we looked at the seven wonders of the world. We created posters with our partners. We found found out facts and we added images.

On Friday, in the morning we had sharing assembly. We shared our seven wonders of the world posters. In the afternoon we had PE. We focussed on football, we were split into two teams. Whilst other children went to buddies and tutoring.

We hope you have a good weekend, we will have a good rest because we have worked so hard already!!!!


September 2014


Hello, we would like to introduce ourselves as your new bloggers for this term.

We are Liberty and Sinead.

Antibullying week


on Monday we went into the hall as a whole school to watch a clip called the unknown soldier.After we watched the clip we had a discusion as pairs talking about what happend in the clip.Then each class went back to their classes to do a big write based on the clip we watched.Also on monday we were thinking about the rights of a child and the responsibilities that went with each right.We worked in pairs to create a poster on rights and responsibilities of a child.


On tuesday we done p.e and our topic in p.e this term is dancing that they did in ww2.That is called jive and lindy hop wich what they did in ww2 to entertain themself.The same day we learnt our poem about the voltures and we had to act it out in groups.


On wednesday we started our art that was based on a bulling poem called voultures.What we had to do was cover a blank peice of paper with sticky PVA glue and dark and dull tissue paper.Because we had to let it dry we couldn't finish it so we finished it off on thursday with Mrs Ball.


on thursday the whole of year 5 and 6 went to the cinema to watch a movie called the house of magic and the reason we went there is becuse it reprersented anti bulling week and it was about a cat that got kicked out of his home and finds a old house that a magician lives in and he wants to keep the cat but he has a mouse and bunnie that don't want him in there and they are determind to get him out of their home.


On friday we went into sharing assenbly first thing and we showed our volture art and out rights and responsibilities posters.After assembly we did literacy and what we had to do was write a bonfire night poem including personification and lots of detail.In the afternoon some people went to buddies and tutoring but the other people did I.C.T and we played on games such as bee bot and scratch JR.