St Vincent's - Year 6 


We are looking forward to having you all back to school for an adventurous year. We will be working hard and challenging ourselves to achieve!

Your Class Teacher is...

Miss Phillips :)

(click on my name to see my teacher passport)


And we are very excited to welcome Mrs Mendes to Year 6 to be our Teaching Assistant and will provide support for children across the curriculum.





Please remember to come to school IN YOUR PE KIT on FRIDAY!

Homework (spellings and reading) will be handed out every Thursday and you are expected to complete your activities at home, chosen by you!

A Spelling test and Maths test will be given every Thursday

Reading at home is very important,  please read regularly books of your choice and complete your chapters set for you guided reading book each term. 

                             Our Class Rules:

1.) Respect & Manners - Rule of 2

2.) Teamwork 

3.) Honesty 

4.) Resilient Rhinos

5.) Positive Mindset