This term our topic is: 'Frozen Kingdom.' 


In Topic we will be focusing on the the Arctic regions of our planet, learning about great expeditions, survival skills like orienteering, animal classifications and food chains. We will also look at the relationships between climate, nutrients and vegetation within ecosystems. 

This topic will allow us to improve our Atlas and mapping skills, while exploring a a range of scientific study of ice and creating art based on Inuit Art and the Northern Lights. 

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Our new curriculum, using Corner Stones, will allow us to dive deeper in to topical learning, linking our geography, history, science and art to the study or the Arctic regions.      





   Today, children in year 6 visited the JR hospital for the IMPs project. They experienced life in A&E, prevention of risk and injury scenarios and learnt how to provide basic first aid using the DRS ABC system. The children were fantastic and absorbed lots of knowledge for life!