Term 5

Dear Topaz, 

I hope you are all well and safe! I am sure that you are all keeping yourselves busy, and keeping your brains active. As the Easter holiday comes to an end, I wanted to kick start our Term 5 topic: Hola Mexico! I am super excited about this topic because you are all so enthusiastic when it comes to exploring other cultures. Below, you will find lots of links to activities and areas to research; I know you will all enjoy being independent in your studies of Mexico. Please keep your work, take photos of your cooking, make videos of your Spanish and most importantly - have fun! I look forward to seeing and hearing all about your learning soon!

Keep active, be helpful, stay cool and love learning!

Love, Miss Phillips x

  'Hola Mexico!'

Click on the Mexican flag below to see our galactic Knowledge Organiser...

Mexico - Wikipedia 

 I would love for you to create some Mexico themed projects like you normally would for homework! Click below for useful home resources: 

mexico book-list

mexico home-learning-ideas

mexico word-mat


Here are some engage (week 1 and 2) activities you can do at home to immerse yourself in our new topic, like we would at school. Over the next 2 weeks, you can conduct research into Mexican festivals, landscape, climate, food, art, learn some Spansih or explore Mayan history!

  1.  mexican-festivals
  2. aguas-frescas
  3. dia-de-los-muertos-skulls
  4. create-a-3-d-day-of-the-dead-skull
  5. https://www.ducksters.com/geography/country/mexico.php
  6. Learn Spanish: https://rockalingua.com/videos 
  7. landscapes-of-mexico-powerpoint
  8. ancient-maya-deities writing frame
  9. https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/mexican
  10. a-walk-in-the-desert
  11. Bachata Dance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhrdh-uFkog 



Calling all astronauts! 

Be sure to check out NASA's website for some exciting missions and discoveries! The NASA team are adding lots of new projects for you to do during Covid-19 and have exciting daily schedules you can follow!

Click below for the link to NASA's website: 

Image result for NAsa