Yenworthy 2020

We will be visiting the Lodge in February. Watch this space!





Yenworthy 2018


Yesterday , after we got on the coach, we drove for ages in the country took a while to get there and the nearer we got the more bumpy it got. Once we had arrived at Yenworthy,we got told our rooms and then we had lunch .After lunch we did our first activity which was a rope course. Some of the challenges were hard and some were easy but we all had a lot of fun. Dinner was pasta bolognaise and angel delight which was very yummy. then eventually we went to sleep at around 11pm after our huge game of tag. 

The first room that were awake was up at 6am which were the boys! Today we had an amazing time at the beach surfing. We all body boarded even Mrs Gibbons and Mrs Hicks. lots of us managed to stand up and ride the waves 

we cant wait for tomorrow we will let you know about that later

blog by Antonia and Kennedy