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 Below you will find a document that you can download with advice from Minister Ford during the Coronavirus Pandemic and School Closure. 

Please read the letter, then also download the document providing more advice which is below the letter. 



KS1 and KS2 assembly ppt


The Zones of Regulation (reproducible E)


                 The Zones of Regulation (reproducible G)


                                  The Zones of Requlation (Glossary)


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 Special Educational Needs and Disability - the local offer


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Special Educational Needs and Disability

 If a pupil has a SEND their needs will fit into one or more of these categories: communication and interaction,

cognition and learning, social, mental and emotional health and sensory or physical.



               Please see the document below for information about SEND.


In July 2017 we were awarded the Achievement For All (AFA)  accreditation.   Please read the attached report to see the impact that the programme has had on the progress of our children, staff development and how we are developing a team with parents and children at St John Fisher. We continue to use the strategies discussed and developed to promote better outcomes for our children.