At St John Fisher we place high value on providing residential experiences for pupils, mainly for personal development outcomes. Residential visits offer pupils the opportunity to experience a wide range of challenges and activities that go beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Many children return and recount stories of not only having learnt new skills but also how they conquered their fears.

2018 - 2019

January 2019 

Year 6 pupils are currently at Yenworthy Lodge - see the Topaz learning blog for updates!

May 2019

Year 4 pupils will be spending three nights at the Woodlands Centre.


2017 - 2018

May 2018 

Year 4 to Woodlands Centre

Year 6 to Yenworthy Lodge


2016 - 2017

23rd - 27th January 2017

Year 6 pupils will be spending four nights at Yenworthy Lodge. A meeting for parents will take place on Tuesday 29th November with Mrs Gibbons at 3:30.


2015 - 2016 

3rd - 6th May

Pupils in Sapphire Class (Year 4) will have the opportunity to visit the Woodlands Centre.


27th June - 1st July

Pupils in Topaz class (Year 6) will have the opportunity to spend four nights at Yenworthy Lodge. Sadly, this learning opportunity had to be cancelled.



 2014 - 2015

February 2015

Year 4 pupils spent four days at the Woodland Centre. Visit their class blog to find out what they did and learnt during their time there.


March 2015

Mrs Gibbons and Mrs Ball will be taking some of the pupils in Topaz class to Yenworthy Lodge. They will leave on Monday 9th March and return on Friday 13th March. You can learn more about Yenworthy Lodge by clicking here.


Thursday 12th March

Today nearly all of us had to be woken up, the fresh air yesterday really tired us out!!

This morning was quite grey and wet here at Yenworthy but it didn't stop us having fun. We took part in 'Outdoor Business' where we worked as two teams to try and earn as much money as we could by completing different challenges. We really had to work as a team to help and encourage each other. We also had a go on the 80ft zip wire, luckily none of us ended up in the pond!

After our lunch we headed off to Glenthorn to do some waterfall climbing, so the fact that it was raining didn't really matter because we all got very wet. It was such good fun being able to clamber up waterfalls through the quite cold water. Thankfully, Yenworthy supplied us with waterproof clothing. 

When we got back to the Lodge we had our dinner before starting to pack our things for tomorrow's journey home.

For our evening entertainment we played bingo. Serena, Mikolaj and Ella are definitely very lucky as they won several games each! So after our hot chocolate we all settled down for our last night at Yenworthy. 

We probably won't be able to blog again tomorrow as we will be heading back to Oxford as soon as we get back from completing the Lyn Valley Trail. We are all going to miss Yenworthy but we will be looking forward to seeing our families again. 



Wednesday 11th March

Another really good night's sleep, some of the boys had to be woken from their beauty sleep!!

Breakfast today was a choice of cereals and then sausages in a roll. After this we had a meeting to discuss today's activities. We then got kitted out in our outdoor clothes and collected a helmet and harness for our rock climbing. The minibus drive down to Lynmouth Beach was a quick 10 mins along a beautiful coastline. Once at the beach we started off by skimming stones and then did a scavenger hunt for precious stones which we used to make our own beach museum. After that we worked in small groups to create some amazing beach art, mermaids and whales seem to be very popular. 

After a quick lunch, prepared by Serena, Arber and Connor, we split into two groups to do the main activities. One group started with Rock climbing while the others went off coasteering.  We really worked hard to help and encourage each other, and were very proud to have overcome some of our fears of heights and confined spaces. We stopped for a tasty treat of Sally's flapjacks before swapping over activities. 

Later in the afternoon we all had fun rock pooling. We managed to catch lots of shore crabs and blennies and even the sun came out to play!

Back at the Lodge we had the most delicious chicken curry for dinner finished off with a yummy trifle. Everyone had seconds! Then we got ready for our evening activity. We joined up with Springfield school to do the Yenworthy quiz. We had to find lots of objects around the Yenworthy site. We also got to go shopping. Our box of purchases is overflowing!

Finally it was time to get ready for bed, look at our photos for the day, have our hot chocolate and head off to bed. 

Hopefully we will all have another good night's sleep.

Wednesday  11th March

Hello everyone. Thank you so much for keeping us updated - your blogs are great! Thank you for taking time out of your busy and exciting days to let us know what you have been up to. Enjoy the rest of your time, make the most of all opportunities on offer and make fantastic memories.

See you on Friday. 

Ms Carbon


Tuesday 10th March

This morning we woke at about 7am after a good night's sleep. We got ourselves dressed and then tidied our rooms in case of an inspection! Our breakfast was a choice of cereals and then some delicious bacon baps. After breakfast we all went off to do our daily duty. Kian and Cody were part of the eco-team and were amazed to have pheasants eating our leftover crusts from their hands. The rest of us did cleaning, table setting and sandwich making. 

Our activity today was at Braunton Burrows, which took us about an hour to drive to. Once there we had a strenuous walk of 1 1/2 miles across the incredible sand dunes which led us to the Atlantic Ocean. Pete and Nicola were our instructors today and Olive and Katie (the dogs) came with us too. We took turns to hold Olive's lead which was quite a difficult job, as even though she is a small dog she is very strong and managed to pull Tegan down a hill!! Half way across the dunes we stopped to do some sand jumping, Mikolaj's was a very dramatic leap. Wait until you see the pictures! 

Once we arrived on the beach we had our lunch which had been prepared for us by Tom, Marieanna and Tegan. Then we collected wood to make a fire. We all tried using flint to start the fire. While we waited for the fire to get hold, some of us went off to help Pete get the kites flying. Marieanna and Malachi were absolute experts. By this time the fire was blazing enough for us to toast our marshmallows. We were so lucky to have such an amazing beach almost to ourselves. Right out by the tide were some soldiers practicing manoeuvers. 

On our way back to the minibus we stopped at a point called 'flag pole dune' where we had the best fun ever doing sand sledging. Dequan and Kian managed to travel the furthest distance without falling off.  But even falling off was fun. 

When we were walking back to the minibus, Cody and Tom found what they think is a WW11 bullet. Finally when we got back to the minibus we had some of Sally's delicious cookies. Just what we needed. 

Back at the Lodge we had a very quick shower in time for dinner, which was stew and dumplings and then rice pudding and jam, which everyone loved. We also had our room inspections. We will find out on Friday which room was the best!!

No that still isn't the end of the day!! Then we all went out to do orienteering in the dark around Yenworthy Lodge. Springfield school joined us for this activity, so it made it special to be able to help them as well. It was a little scary as we only had our torches to help guide us around in the dark. 

At last it was time to come in, get ready for bed, look at our photos for the day and have our hot chocolate before heading off to a well deserved sleep. Hopefully we will all sleep well again tonight!!


Hi Everyone at Yenworthy,

Hope you are all having a great time, the sun is shining for you!!! Just a quick note to say that we are missing you at school and that we hope you are have a great week.

Take care and look after each other,

 Mrs Tupper


Monday 9th March

Hi It's our first day at Yenworthy and already we have been so busy. Our journey started off ok. Mikolaj was asleep really quickly - we were very tempted to take a photo of him!! The last part of the journey was a bit scary - the views were very cool. We had to go up a really steep hill which we were worried we might fall off the edge. The other school - Springfield school from Witney - unfortunately broke down there. When we arrived at Yenworthy the driver had to do a tricky reverse down the drive.

On arrival, Pete our instructor, introduced us to all the Yenworthy staff and then we went off to our rooms to make our beds and get unpacked. Amazingly we did all of this without any help!! Then we got our outdoor kits and went off to our first activity of the week which was the ropes course. This was great fun. We completed some very hard obstacles by working together to encourage and help each other. Even though it was quite windy and raining, not one person complained as we were having so much fun.

After a quick wash, we had our dinner which was Pasta Bolognaise. Tom, Tegan and Marieanna were our servers and did an amazing job. Not long after dinner we had to get our outdoor kit on again and then we had a fire drill.

Our busy day still wasn't finished! We then went out across the moors for a night walk. Luckily we had remembered our torches as it really was dark outside. We walked until we were 1300 metres above sea level where we found some mini-liths that date back to the Bronze age. This was where we sacrificed Arber! Before laying down to look at the amazingly dark and clear night sky. We could see Jupiter and Venus, as well as Orion's belt and the 7 sisters. We could even see across the Bristol Channel to Cardiff.  We managed to lay still and silent for 9 minutes!!

Once back at the lodge, we got into our night clothes, wrote our letters to home and had some delicious hot chocolate.

Finally it was time for bed. Phew!! and that is only day one!!

See you back here tomorrow for the next instalment.