At St John Fisher we place high value on providing residential experiences for pupils, mainly for personal development outcomes. Residential visits offer pupils the opportunity to experience a wide range of challenges and activities that go beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Many children return and recount stories of not only having learnt new skills but also how they conquered their fears.

2019 - 2020

February 2020 - Year 6 to visit Yenworthy Lodge - 4 nights


May 2020 - Year 4 to visit Woodlands Centre - 3 nights



2018 - 2019

January 2019 

Year 6 pupils are currently at Yenworthy Lodge - see the Topaz learning blog for updates!

May 2019

Year 4 pupils will be spending three nights at the Woodlands Centre.


2017 - 2018

May 2018 

Year 4 to Woodlands Centre

Year 6 to Yenworthy Lodge


2016 - 2017

23rd - 27th January 2017

Year 6 pupils will be spending four nights at Yenworthy Lodge. A meeting for parents will take place on Tuesday 29th November with Mrs Gibbons at 3:30.


2015 - 2016 

3rd - 6th May

Pupils in Sapphire Class (Year 4) will have the opportunity to visit the Woodlands Centre.


27th June - 1st July

Pupils in Topaz class (Year 6) will have the opportunity to spend four nights at Yenworthy Lodge. Sadly, this learning opportunity had to be cancelled.



 2014 - 2015

February 2015

Year 4 pupils spent four days at the Woodland Centre. Visit their class blog to find out what they did and learnt during their time there.


March 2015

Mrs Gibbons and Mrs Ball will be taking some of the pupils in Topaz class to Yenworthy Lodge. They will leave on Monday 9th March and return on Friday 13th March. You can learn more about Yenworthy Lodge by clicking here.