School Closure - Prayer for the Day

We hope that you enjoy sharing these activities at home with your family. We will be updating them regularly so please keep revisiting this page. We have now also added two more tabs on the left hand of this page - One for EYFS/KS1 and another for KS2. Here you will find more activities that have been created by Mission Together - Pope Francis' chosen children's charity. 


Please click on the link for each date to access a prayer for each day.

Each link will provide you with a powerpoint for that day to share at home. There will be a bible reading and ideas to discuss plus a prayer for the day.


                                    Week 1      23.3.20          24.3.20            25.3.20            26.3.20                 27.3.20

                                    Week 2      30.3.20        31.3.20       1.4.20         2.4.20           3.4.20          4.4.20

Please click on the image to access a powerpoint containing 15 prayers for a range of different intercessions and purposes.

Praying Hands Vector Art Free


Please click on the links below to access Prayer and Children's Catholic Learning at home.

They have been provided by the Birmingham Diocesan Education Service. 

Birmingham Diocesan Education Service


Ministry Resource: Updated Worship Music Resources Now Available ...

  Weekly Worship and Song

Dan and Emily from One Life Music have kindly recorded a liturgy for schools and home. This will be a weekly event from now on. This week you will be able to access it through the link below. We hope that in future weeks we will also be able to put it directly on to the DES website.

It is such a wonderful way to bring us together as a 

community of prayer and I am sure that we will all be strengthened by it.


Holy Week - 5th - 11th April 2020

Please click on the image to download a powerpoint that you can share with your family to help remind them what happens during this special week in our Liturgical Year.

Image result for holy week 2020

Click on the Easter image below and you can access ideas for Easter Crafts that you can do at home. Please share photos or bring your work into school when we re-open.

Image result for easter


Pope Francis has created a 5 finger prayer image

to help us pray at home with our families. See the image below.


Image result for pope francis prayer hand