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Class Patron Saints

Each class at St John Fisher is named after their own Patron Saint. This will mean that as children journey through St John Fisher school, they will learn about the lives of a variety of different saints. The children will also celebrate their class patron saint’s feast day.


Saint Patron Saint Of Feast Day
St Nicholas Patron of Children Feast Day Dec 6th
St Therese Patron of  Missionaries Feast Day Oct 1 st
St Francis of Assisi  Patron of  Animals Feast Day  Oct 4th
St Michael the Archangel Patron of Police Feast Day Sep 29th
St Brigid of Ireland Patron of Infants Feast Day Feb 1st
St Josephine Bakhita Patron of Sudan/ Anti-Slavery Feast Day Feb 8th
St Bernadette of Lourdes  Patron of Protection against Poverty Feast Day Apr 16th
 St Vincent de Paul  Patron of Charitable Societies Feast Day Sep 27th