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The intent of our Italian curriculum at our Primary School is to provide a comprehensive and engaging program of study that aligns with the requirements of the UK National Curriculum for Modern Foreign Languages. Our aim is to foster a love for the Italian language and culture by delivering high-quality language instruction that emphasizes the development of speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in Italian.

Our specialist Italian teacher, provided by the Italian consulate, will lead the delivery of our Italian curriculum for Years 3-6. Through our curriculum, we strive to promote fluency and grammatical proficiency, ensuring that our pupils develop a solid foundation in the language that will enable them to communicate confidently in Italian.

In addition to language acquisition, our Italian curriculum will provide pupils with an opportunity to gain a deep understanding and appreciation of Italian culture. Through a range of cultural activities and lessons, we aim to broaden our pupils’ perspectives and help them develop intercultural competence.

Our ambition is to continue delivering our Italian curriculum for many years, ensuring that every pupil who studies Italian at our school has a strong foundation in the language and a deep appreciation of the Italian culture.


Currently, our Italian lessons take place once a week for Years 3 – 6. Our specialist teacher has created a curriculum which will build in progression as the programme continues.

Initially, our children are starting from a very similar point, however, adaptations are made depending on the age group.


This is the first year of the programme, and it only began in October. We hope that the impact will be evident in our children’s conversational and written ability in Italian. Next year, we will see the younger classes progress to more difficult material, and when our current Y3s leave Y6 we hope to have a class with fantastic Italian skills and a great understanding of their culture.