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The curriculum coverage objectives can be found here.  You can also click on Intent, Implementation and Impact to find out more on each of these areas.



The intent of our History curriculum is to deliver a curriculum that is accessible and engaging for all learners. We encourage children to enjoy learning about the past, understand how civilizations are developed and the impact that they have had on the world today. We look to develop their enquiry skills where they can analyse, evaluate and argue previous societies and theories. Through carefully planned lessons from Curriculum Maestro, children will understand chronology and where present learning sits within previous learning to create an evolving timeline. With this, children will retain more knowledge and link previous ideas and skills.

Children will explore primary and  resources and to evaluate the validity of them. Children will develop a curiosity about the past and to be motivated to ask questions and seek answers about the time period being studied. Children will develop an understanding of significant events in British history, cultural heritage and learn about the contribution of people and civilisations from around the world.


Our history curriculum is sequenced, with the help of Curriculum Maestro, to ensure coverage of all of the Key Objectives across KS1 and 2. However, historical learning begin in EYFS where they begin to understand where they fit in within a timeline.

History often leads itself as the ‘driver’ topic for our curriculum in English, where we try and match books to the topic and therefore study history contextually throughout the wider curriculum.

Curriculum Maestro for Cornerstones, provides a blueprint for creative, varied, engaging lessons which increase our children’s knowledge.

The structure of our curriculum allows for key themes to be revisited and learning cemented.

We also combine School Trips and visits to our school to strengthen children’s learning and offer practical elements of historical research.

As a school which values reading, children will have constant access to a wide variety of subject specific fiction and non-fiction books, available in history lessons and Topic areas.


Children will enjoy learning and retaining more knowledge about History.

Children will understand and use the key skills of chronological understanding, knowledge and understanding of events in the past, Historical interpretation, Historical enquiry and organisation and communication.

For most children to achieve age related expectations in History.

As historians, children will learn lessons from history to influence the decisions they make in their lives in the future.